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Why Do Hung Old Men Turn You On?

You spend hour after hour looking for pictures and videos of hung old men on the internet. You can edge for hours looking at all these big old beauties. You bring yourself close, again and again, before you click onto the next daddy dick. Have you realised that the orgasm/ejaculation you can achieve from this, is far greater than anything you can achieve in your sex life?

So, why Do Hung Old Men Turn You On? Please leave a comment below, to tell us about your experiences

I see in older men a kind of acceptance of others that only comes with experience. The older you get, the more tolerant we are of other men and their proclivities. You’ve been through all the hardships of life and cum out the other side. Grateful for every stiffy and not ashamed of who we are and what we enjoy. More willing to take what cums. Lend a hand and enjoy the day. Bob

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24 thoughts on “Why Do Hung Old Men Turn You On?

  1. I had the best oral sex of my life with a guy in his late 50s. He was cut with the thickest bush of dark hairs around his equally thick cock. This was topped off in perfection with low hanging really heavy hairy bollocks. He gently slid my cock head into his mouth. I’m uncut and told I’m blessed with a large glans. Great tongue work which involved him licking my equally hairy bollocks in between sucking me . His eyes showed passion as I face fucked him. I. Wanted it to go on forever. Sadly about ten minutes later the hot creamy spunk flowed from me. He carried on and my cock stayed hard. A second ejaculation followed as forceful and intense as the first. He stood up pressed his lips to mine and the silky hot cum slipped into my mouth. Our tongues shared my sweet semen before we swallowed. That’s what’s great about older guys. Only had one orgasm that got close this time a guy in his sixties. Not as lucky to cum twice but my ejaculate hit the wall behind his bed. Expert oral pleasure .

  2. Had the best time ever for last night spent it with two extremely well hung old guys a 71 and 80 year old had a few drinks watched some porn then went to bed where they took it in turns with me they had so much energy it was magic

  3. My first time was with a 72 year old when I was 20 .He had a huge thick cock and lasted inside me for ages. Thanks why I am crazy about well hung old guys like Pitbear

  4. I feel like this post was directed at me. It took my breath away as I nodded, yes, I do hunt the internet for photos of hung, mature men, especially uncut. I am obsessed with finding and worshipping and praying to pictures of oversized uncircumsized penises hanging off of old men. It literally makes me weak and moan aloud each time I come across a new enormous uncut dick belonging to a mature man. For one thing, I have always been attracted to oversexed dirty old men. I remember going to the baths with Dad and uncles and seeing other older men soaping up their willies over and over. From that moment, I thought men’s cocks got bigger and bigger as they aged so even to this day in my subconscious I believe older men have bigger and fatter cocks (though I know it’s not true). I also get off on the idea of being submissive to a grandfather’s perverted desires and being the foreskin cleaner and licker for excessively uncut and hung Grandads. I ran a tumblr blog called Big Daddy Willies until tumblr took it down. I would post a pic of a fat mature cock and add some fantasy language to it. Here’s an example….I fucking love Cumm.co.uk !

  5. There is an older guy in my hood ,huge uncut cock , been over a couple of times . I almost have to jerk off before he comes over . Makes me blow like a teenager ..

  6. I love sexy silver-haired men! They make me want to be good for Daddy! I enjoy it when they make me know they are interested in making me make them feel good. A smile a wink or some other classy way.

    I always enjoy doing everything that makes Daddy feel good! They are Experienced, passionate, intense, sexy, and more! I just want to keep Daddy’s balls drained, and he wants to do the same for me. On my knees, up my ass, or rubbing sticks together, I always find a way to make my Daddy smile!

    Makes the world a nicer place.

  7. I have this fantasy of getting gang banged by a group of old men, being watched by younger guys wanting in but not being allowed.

  8. I’ve never been with a man but for some reason, 70+ Caucasian men turn me on! I’ve been curious about being with an older man and slowly I’ll eventually have my first experience. Lately I’ve been texting, occasionally calling and sending pics and vids to this 57 yr old man, that I’ve never met but he’s know my older brothers from school in my small town back in the day. I’m nervous as fuck and honestly, a little scared… but I feel comfortable talking with him and he said he’ll just start of slow and just suck me off. I’m thinking of going for next week sometime… wish me luck!!!

  9. It’s great to be able to see other men’s experiences and share my own memory.
    He was in his late twenties and he drove a car.
    He picked me up by promising me chocolate, I fell for his bullshit story and he got out of the car and helped me put my bicycle in his trunk.
    As we drove away he all ready had his zipper down and was asking me if I wanted to see his dink. We drove to a deserted road behind a shopping centre and then he pulled his car over and we got out. We walked for about twenty minutes across a field of very tall grass. By the time we had gotten to a remote private place he had all ready pulled out his big dink and was teasing me by swinging it back and forth. He asked me if I wanted to see his dink upclose and then we sat down in the grass and he pulled his pants down to his knees and put my hands on his huge dink. I grabbed his dink and he instructed me how to rub it up and down. He was very excited and after only a few minutes he dumped his load. I had his mancum all over my face, hands and shoulders. He was still very hard so I jerked again, this time he lasted almost half an hour but it was the best thirty minutes of my life. His sexual power was just so good and so right that it felt good for me to be with him and I felt special and totally entranced by his penis. After he came the second time he got up and left me there alone in the field. He left me alone and I never saw him again. But I have always been so grateful that he did what he did to me. He totally ruined my desire for sex with any female. Why? Simply because a well endowed man is better than any female no matter how attractive she may be.

  10. All i think about is worshiping hung old men for hours sniffing licking sucking like a slave draining my balls dry inbetween until I’m worthy of his superior spunk.

  11. Hi I’m a fem sissy boy and love big thick daddies I live in Canada 🇨🇦 I want to serve and worship a daddy who’s dominant with me I’m 39 slim slender smooth hairless legs .
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  12. I am 91, and still like to masturbate 2 or 3 times a week. I like to get off looking at the older mature men that are well endowed and know how to use it. I especially like to see the sites showing the older men cruising and having sex in the outdoors.

  13. I didn’t like older men when I was younger. When I was 18 I tried dating a 45-year-old hot Portuguese man because he was very wealthy. And his dick was at least 12 inches. I was driving around his brand new big Mercedes and he pick me up in his convertible stingray Corvette. When his wife was in around we go hang out at his 12 bedroom home. I wasn’t very experienced sexually and had only been with a couple people. I didn’t know what to do with that big ass cock so he dumped me. Traded me for Vernon because he would bend over and take it like a man. But at that age if the dude had a wrinkle on his face I thought he was ugly. Now that I’m 56 older man with meaty cocks And hairy guys. Big guys that can overpower me. Or mature men that know what to do with it. I tell you what Dan if you were around right now I’d be all over that 12 inch her ha ha.

  14. I just can’t help being very attracted to their maturity and experience. A hung old man make me melt instantly. Love being dominate controlled taking down by a true real man nothing less.

  15. Ever since I stopped being curious and started meeting some local men, I’ve only hooked up with older guys at least 5-10 years older than me (the oldest was 83). I find them much sexier, more discreet, and very appreciative after shooting their load in my mouth or hole.

  16. I mean just look at them.. quite tasty. Hope to meet older men like this in Miami.

  17. Because Hung Old Men look so sexy and being good looking, even better. And they can treat you better. ❤🍆🍒

  18. why do hung old men turn us on? maybe because of something associated with Freud’s so called “death wish“: since, in aging, sex is not so much driven by procreation, there is a purity in not only the act but the drive as well that might be called a “glorious lethal euphoria“ – an end in itself, not a means to an end. not to mention that the “death wish“ is a drive to get back to the original Garden. maybe unconsciously it transcends this earthy realm.

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