certain sexual desires

Hello from reading your site it seems clear to me that sex has more to do with energy and desire than sexual orientation. From school we are taught not to much about sex but that[…]

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gym hunk jock

Quality Cock Time

I have spend nights just spending some really quality time with my cock. Blown some of my biggest and best loads. One of those nights when you feel like swanking for a couple of hours.[…]

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Novak Djokovic is a Serbian professional tennis player who is currently ranked world No. 1 in men’s singles tennis by the Association of Tennis Professionals. Novak Djokovic was once the subject of a Serbian tabloid story,[…]

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Historic Fucking Tips

Amongst all the Historic Fucking Tips one is the most important. You will never be a good fucker, until you get fucked. Don’t lie there fucking like a wally. Get up of your fat arse[…]

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one puff and your gay?

I agree, getting high on dope the sex is much much better. I feel more relaxed and “receptive” and the sensation of touch are amazing. I’ve had the best sex and ejaculations ever only when[…]

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swimmers nude big cock

Viagra is Good 4 Your Heart

Viagra could help halt heart attacks and strokes, with some doctors saying it should be routinely prescribed. Italian scientists found drug improved health of men with certain conditions as the key ingredient Sildenafil relaxes blood[…]

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December 2019 Six Spunky London Lads Shoot their semen for CUMM UK. CUMM 4 CUMM a new monthly feature from the HaPenis Project. If you would like to be featured in our January film please[…]

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My tantrick dream has brought two things to my life that I never thought was possible, happiness and sex which I find sacred, hugely rewarding, and deeply fulfilling on a spiritual level. Although I have[…]

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Exposing Your Arsehole

As sunlight is known to have fantastic germicidal and magickal qualities exposing your arse to its rays will help keep it healthy. Start by exposing your back to the sun. Bend forward placing your hands[…]

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Axing My Hayhât

Not to see what appears to your self Flying to the heavens, tearing, every instant, a hundred veils! The first moment to renounce life, The last step to travel without feet! To see this world[…]

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fucking bananas

I got some sheets, cushions, lights, wine, lube, bananas, dildos and everything I might need and set the room up so that I could keep a quater of an eye on the tv while the[…]

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Albolene Wankers UK

Albo is a necessary part of my bate. As others have mentioned it mixes well with your own fluids, lasts ages and gives you great glide and shine. Oh and it also sounds good too.[…]

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Your HaPenis Muscle?

If you’re not sure where your HaPenis Muscle is the next time you are going for a piss when you are in a strong flow, stop as quickly as possible. The muscle you are using[…]

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