enhanced masculinity

enhanced masculinity

Once we have embraced the notion of cock, or enhanced masculinity, as totally distinct from sex, we can begin to think out from scratch and with complete freshness its place in spirituality and church life.

Men of cock are endowed with a special gift which is very spiritual and a great value in the life of society and of the spirit. Men of cock who are priests or religious should see and accept their call to make their spiritual way forward through cock. Abstinence and continence are not their way, they have a gift to bestow on society and the Church, which is to pursue the spirituality of cock, the veneration of masculinity in thanksgiving to God. We have discovered cock and it is a new way that sets aside all the old framework called chastity. Source

As g(o)d’s men we have to see our sexual pleasures as our spirituality. We need to be taught this skill; we need guides to show us how. If we don’t our spirituality gets made up for us by other people, and our sexual pleasures are far too fucking sacred for us to allow that do happen. I’m older than you, this is wisdom speaking. Seb Cox

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