dicks n dudes @ WNBR

The World Naked Bike Ride is an annual event that takes place in cities all over the world.  There are always  lots of photographers to capture the dicks n dudes and share them with the world!  Here are a few of the finest. You may also like to see our sexy images of WNGD, The World Naked Gardening Day

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You may also like to see our sexy images of WNGD, The World Naked Gardening Day


12 thoughts on “dicks n dudes @ WNBR

  1. I’m in London and Brighton this year. My first WNBR. I am crazy cause I wanna CUM IN PUBLIC!!! Wish me good luck that this happens before someone will remove me from the race. And try to get this on video and keep it from deleting on the web.

    1. How about leaving home on bike naked while going to this event. And leave the event also – naked? 😉

  2. That’s nice and str8 !!!
    Nothing quite like being outdoors nude with a full on throbbing erection….I wonder if any of the guys end up ejaculating by mistake from the excitement…..mmmm….nothing like a hands free orgasm !!!

    1. Imagine a WNBR with 10,000 participants where more than 4,000 are sexy women under 35 years old and 1,000 guys younger than 25. What is the result?
      Only few of these 1,000 guys won’t have any sexual fantasies in this crowd of naked sexy young women and men. 950 will get aroused. 600 will have a full boner for some seconds or longer. 150 will have an instant boner almost during the whole race!
      40 will “suffer” a hands-free ejaculation. (5-10 of will even cum at least twice.)
      If there is such a hot WNBR somedays, pls post the pics and vids.:)

    2. Yessss!!! Would be nice to see a video that shows a sudden hands free ejaculation in a public mass event.

  3. i have some great pix from last years london naked bike ride, how do i get them on this site?

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