Urinal Stories

In a toilet in reading. – I met a man with a large uncut penis with a long wet foreskin, which he drew back, we put the the tips of our penis’s together and he slid his foreskin over my erect circumcised penis, it was heavenly he slowly slid his foreskin back and forth and wanked me off inside his foreskin it was the most fabulous experience of my life. Tony

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  1. I’m in the park rest room sitting in an open stall, when this hot man in his sixties come and see me and unzips his pants and whips out his dick that fill his hand, and it is soft. walking toward me he is shaking it and it begins to grow. At that point my cock went hard, while he smiles and stood in front of me and slowly filled my mouth with his huge fat dick. At that point I was so hot , i could only service that growing dick felling it get bigger and hard. He took one step back and slapped me in the face with that huge piece of meat, and I shot my load. We continued to meet for a few years after that

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