Mr Cox’s Anal Flutter S-exercise

Mr Cox’s Anal Flutter S-exercise.

If you’re not sure where your PC Muscle is the next time you are going for a piss when you are in a strong flow, stop as quickly as possible. The muscle you are using to do that is the PC Muscle. Alternately stand up with your legs spread gently apart. Try lifting your balls without touching them. Again the muscle your using to do this is your PC Muscle. Imagine your squeezing your anal lips tightly, that’s it the PC Muscle

Stronger PC muscle allows 
stronger orgasmic contractions, increasing the distance you can “shoot” your load. They can also help you to control your orgasms, helping to prevent premature ejaculation. They can also help you to control your erection, allowing you to “bounce” your cock up and down. Improved prostatic health as the stronger your ejaculations the more oxygen your body pumps into your prostate, which rejuvenates it.

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Spending five minutes a day doing the following anal flutter sexercises will help you maintain a healthy mind, body and soul, and achieve multi ejaculations that could only be described as uncontrollable, juddering, screaming pleasure re-connecting you to your original sacred sexual self, where heaven is to bask in Gods love with no need to control, or be described, as anything other than, that, that is divine. The great thing about this ritual is you can do it anywhere as you don’t have to be naked. I adopted it from a ritual a client told me about. He has been practising it for nearly 30 years. Although now in his early fifties he honestly looks fifteen years younger. He is a very sexy man. A picture of health and happiness. Full of the joys of life. He can ejaculate 7 times in succession without losing his hard-on. After practising for a few weeks you will realise that this is probably the best advice anyone ever gave you about sex.

1. Bend over slightly as if exposing your arse hole to the sun. Contract and relax your PC muscle (the one you use to stop pissing) 81 times

2. Tighten your arse cheeks and pull your belly button in and out 81 times.

3. Bend over slightly as if exposing your arse hole to the sun.Flutter your arse furiously 81 times from right top left

4. Tighten your arse cheeks, and contract and relax your anal muscles and pull your belly button in and out at the same time. Repeat 81 times.

5. Flutter your arse furiously 81 times from left to right.

Before you have prostate surgery (for cancerous prostate removal) good surgeons have you exercise your PC muscle as many times as you can stand. If your surgery should require that the sphincter muscle at the base of your bladder be removed, your PC muscle will be the only control you have on your urine flow. It’s never a mistake to acquire as much control of your PC muscle as you can develop. If feels great to tweak it when you’re aroused prior to ejaculation, and during ejaculation, and even after ejaculation… So tweak away you horn dogs… You’ll never be sorry you practiced… RobtheElder

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