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I love women and have never felt emotional or romantic toward a guy, but I love sex in many forms. I was browsing an adult book store looking for magazines to JO to when I stumbled into a video booth. As soon as the video started I dropped my jeans to the floor, took off my shirt and started stroking. Before my eyes had adjusted to the darkness I felt a breeze on my thigh. I bent forward and strained to see the source of the breeze. That’s when I noticed the hole in the wall about 5″ in dia. with a face pressed up against it, mouth open licking his lips. When he saw me looking he begged me not to waste it, but to let him suck my beautiful cock and drink my cum.

No way I could halt my level of excitement or resist the offer. I turned toward the hole. He reached thru and gently grabbed my nut sack and pulled me toward his face. I had never experienced anything like this before in my 28 years and couldn’t even wait to be sucked. I exploded all over his face. I expected him to be pissed, but he moaned with pleasure and wrapped his lips around the head of my cock and licked and sucked until he had every last drop as my cock shriveled back down to normal. I quickly became a regular here coming back 2 – 3 times a week. During those first couple weeks I kept wondering what is it about sucking cock that so many guys love to do it? I was becoming more curious. A couple times after I got sucked the other guy stuck his cock thru the hole to me. I had never before touched another guys cock, but I felt I owed him something for making me feel so good, so I stroked him off, and had his cum blasted all over my chest and abdomen.


It was so much fun watching and feeling him jerk and spaz, and blow his load, slamming his body against the hole, trying to get closer. Finally I knew that I just had to find out what I was missing. After about 6 times of getting blown I finally dropped to my knees with my face up against the hole and licked my lips and said “my turn”. As I started sucking and kissing the mushroom head he asked if I wanted him to pull out when he was ready, and I said no. I had never tasted another guys cum, but I had tasted my own and it was so erotic drinking cum as it spurted out of my cock when I laid on the bathroom floor with my legs up over my head and my cock hanging an inch or so above my face.

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I licked and sucked for about 5 minutes as I stroked his shaft and carressed his balls with my hand. I felt his pace increase a little and his movements became more forceful, and it seemed that I was no longer sucking him, but rather he was fucking my face. And all the while my nose was just inches from the wall surrounding the glory hole, and I was taking in the erotic scent of dried cumm around the hole and thinking about how many hundreds, or thousands of guys had been sucking a hot hard juicy cock at that hole just as I was doing now, and I wished some of them could see me now.

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Suddenly I felt him stop, for just a moment, and then pump rapidly as a flood of hot thick love juice blasted against the back of my throat and filled my mouth to overflowing and leaked out the side of my mouth and down my bearded chin as I struggled to swallow without choking, just like I would do when I swallowed my own cum in a JO session. This was so much better though because the pleasure was double what I would get by myself, plus I could do it again if I wanted to, whereas when I drank my own cumm I could only cum once and then I had to quit for a while. As his cock shriveled up I reached out my tongue and he moved forward to let me lick the last couple drops as they oozed out. He pulled his pants up and quickly left. I pulled mine up, put my shirt back on and wiped my chin on my shirt sleeve, and left the booth.

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As I walked down the hallway out of the arcade I passed several guys standing around watching me, and some of them made lip smacking noises as I walked by. When I looked up at them one guy licked his lips and another blew me a kiss. I fugured thay knew what had happened in those 2 adjoining GH booths that were occupied for so long and then emptied at the same time. As I walked to my car I knew that I would be back again and again, and although I was pretty sure I wasn’t gay, I was also pretty sure I was a devoted cocksucker and cumlover. When I got into the car I looked in the mirror and discovered the real reason those guys had been giving me so much attention as I walked down the hallway to leave. I had a big gob of cumm in my beard near the bottom of my chin nachtmann2