stronger orgasm and bigger ejaculation

Slowly and sensually and as often as possible, ideally every morning to start the start the day in the best possible and positive way. Being circumcised I enjoy plenty of attention to the glans and corona but also the shaft and balls to be included. I enjoy being edged to build up a stronger orgasm … Read morestronger orgasm and bigger ejaculation

Blue Collar Cock

According to wiki, Blue-collar work may involve skilled or unskilled manufacturing, mining, sanitation, custodial work, oil field work, construction, mechanic, maintenance, warehousing, farming firefighting, technical installation and many other types of physical work. Often something is physically being erected or maintained. hirsute [hur-soot, hur-soot]


The Ananga Ranga is a tantric sex manual written by Kalyana malla in the 15th century. The poet wrote the work in honor of Lad Khan, son of Ahmed Khan Lodi. He was related to the Lodi dynasty, which from 1451 to 1526 ruled from Delhi.[1] Later commentators have said it is aimed specifically at preventing the separation of a husband and wife. … Read moreANANGA RANGA

6 reasons i am commando…

Essentially it’s a personal choice butt, there are at least 6 really powerful reasons to go commando/freeball/wear no underwear. The main reasons I avoid wearing underwear are

  1. I find it more comfortable, as most of the “designer” briefs out there today have been “engineered” more for men with small bodies, cock and balls.
  2. Increases my sperm count. Wearing underwear is not in the best interests of your reproductive organs …specifically your balls. For ideal sperm production and for the optimum health of the bull balls, the ideal temperature is slightly less than body temperature.
  3. I look better, underwear is designed to make men’s bulge disappear, freeballing allows you to present your bulge to the world.
  4. I feel Nice and free,  sexy with my cock rubbing against my pants, and the balls sagging, causing accidental, excitement, which shows prominently.
  5. I look Seriously Cool, complete strangers smile and are friendly to me.
  6. Helps Keeps me cool in hot temperatures

Please tells us your reasons to go commando/freeball/wear no underwear, by leaving a comment below

cop shaves his cock and balls

cop shaved cock and balls
For many there is nothing quite as spiritual as a a freshly shaven cock. Porn films often feature little or no pubic hair. However, many men are left raw, chafed and itchy when trying to achieve this hairless look. So here are my shaving tips that will enable you to look like a porn star. First, you will need to make the whole experience sexy. Have a nice relaxing bath. After you have relaxed make sure there is plenty of light in the bathrom and sit on the edge of the bath. Close the door and run the hot tap until you create lots of steam. As steam helps to soften the pubic area and hair. Gently comb your pubic hair for several minutes. Using a good pair of sissors, trim to ¼” away from the skin. Dampen a cloth in very hot water, and gently rub it all over your beautiful cock and balls. Repeat this with the cloth several times. You must of course pleasure yourself as and when you desire. Study the pattern of the remaining hair with your fingertips. You will need to shave against the way the hair is growing. So if it grows to the left you will need to shave from the right. If the hair is growing upwards you will shave downwards. Use a used expensive disposable razor and a known brand of washing up liquid, as this makes your cock and balls more slippery than ordinary soap, and we do love a slippery cock, don’t we. Now you are ready to shave. Stop and rest for awhile if you feel the urge to pleasure yourself. Very gently, start with your lower balls. Rinse the razor after each swipe, cleaning any hair that may get stuck in the razor. Do not go over the same patch of skin more than twice or use aggressive pressure. Next, shave the lower shaft, always slow and gently. Finally, shave the hair directly above your cock. This hair tends to be the thickest and coarsest, so you may use a little more pressure here. Swab your cock and balls with warm water and examine for any stray hairs that may have been missed. You could pluck those remaining out with a tweezers. Pleasure yourself to ejaculation and massage your semen into your cock and balls, and relax and allow to dry. This will give your cock and balls a shiny silky finish.

shaved cock after

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Dummy’s Guide to a good sex-life

There is no Dummy’s Guide to a good sex-life; we pretty much need to write our own. To write your own guide requires a lot of effort and a load of BOLLOX, but is the kind of hard work that brings just rewards.

sexy masculine hairy bull

You need to do things that scare you, regularly, because that will give you an energy that will allow you to subtract things from your life that don’t allow you to add up. You need to reward yourself, like really spoil yourself, with life’s great luxuries. Begin a wonderful journey, Tell yourself your ok, tell yourself your good, actually tell yourself your wonderful! And that will open a door that will connect your heart to your soul that will connect your heart to your brain and then everything is CONNECTED. Find the right way for you and three years later decide you want to live a different way. You write the script, you get to make the choices, and you get to change your mind, too.

man silver sexy eyes

Seeds feed awhile on ground, then lift up into the sun. So you should taste the filtered light and work your way toward wisdom with no personal covering. That’s how you came here, like a star without a name. Move across the night sky with those anonymous lights.#

hairy man beauty

a dummys guide to great sex

Shiva Kriya – Adi Rimpoche

Sihiva Kriya is a ancient knowledge Chinese Martial Art. The technique itself is Sue Shi Kong (lifting weights with the penis testicles) and other practices as Maha Bandha , Udijjana Bandha , Nauli , special Pranayamas with Chi Kung movements of Oriental Medicine.