i lay 2 shirts top of eachother and fold them twice, rap it around my cock and slowly with a light grip slide either the shirt up and down my cock or slide my hand up and down on the shirt, either way it feels amazing. Briscoe

dancing balls big muscle cock locker room

THE ALL OUT CRAZY : like to lay on my right hand side, layout some porn and slowly start to stroke my my cock whilst i create a fantasy in my head using the images i have. once i have it i just go all out and crazy on my cock untill i come, o and i prefer a posh wank, love the jonny. Paul


THE HOT FOOT : Place ur foot in hot water and after awhile, with a boner, rub ur foot on ur dick and it will be as worm as hell! trust me its good it did it earlyer. hot foot wank

shaved balls

ROLLING YOUR BALLS : start rolling your balls with the palms of your hands and rub some lube on you dick an lay on the bed and relax then fantasize about something sexy an wank slowly with your eyes closed then increase your spead and cum like theirs no tomorro. big bob


HE BETWEEN MATRaS : i wank by sticking my cock between the matras and sliding it in and out till I blow my load! Jarrod

dreaming of cock

UR LEFT 1 : wank with whole hand fast im right handed so do it with ur left 1 it nice. ellisHE FRENUM JERK : By gently pinching and wanking the frenum skin under my cockhead. sr.cumecici

hairy bear hairsuit

THE ICE PHWOAR : Get som ice stuff it up ya ass. make your fingers in an o shape and rub up and down then thrust your self against a pillow get some new ice and touch up your cock with the ice phwoar It is making me hard just thinking about. Eric

bloke wanking

FINGER TIPS JERK : I like to and usually hold my cock with my fnger tips and jerk like that rather than with the entire hand as some do. I feel I have more control this way and I get more eroused. Dave

Please leave you jerk off technique below


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  1. wanking in the bath is awesome. use the hose and rub over your dick, luke warm water. till you cum. dont touch with your hands. it is relaxing. kip

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