Multi Orgasmic Man

Hello Seb, This is a fascinating topic that brings back a particular early memory for me. At a very early age, I can remember having multiple orgasms before I had the ability to ejaculate. In fact, I was having multiple orgasms before I even knew what an ejaculate was. I have quite a vivid memory of playing on the swings in the school playground in grammar school. I would get the swing going extremely high back and forth in the air and cross my legs as I propelled my body back and forth. One day while doing this, to my surprise, an electrifying jolt of pleasure shot from my penis up to inside my ears through my head and also down the length of both legs until my toes would curl. This seemed to go on for an indefinite amount of time. I made an association with this total never-ending pleasure with the swing. When the recess bell would ring, I would often get into trouble for not returning to class. The pleasure was so addictive I could not stop swinging. I was flying (quite literally). Later in life when I adopted the behaviour of real (traditional) masturbation it was with sudden dismay when I realised I was wet with a sticky goo immediately post-pleasure. Now at age 53, I still have the odd incredible orgasm, but nothing multiple…and certainly nothing as intense as when I was a little kid on that swing back in grammar school. I often wonder if I can ever achieve something comparable to that never-ending pleasure that I once obtained as a child again. All the best, Tim in NYC

Spanking London

rugby-spankRecently I had an friend of mine over for some spanking play. As we talked about the spanking that I would be getting I noticed a bulge in the front of his shorts. Quite a large bulge at that. I know that he enjoys spanking me, but this was the first time that I noticed arousal. I asked him if I could see his erect cock and he quickly pulled it out for a look. I have to say that it was the most beautiful cock I’ve ever seen. About 10″ long and I couldn’t get my fingers to touch as I held in in my hand. He agreed to let me try and suck it, which actually amounted to jacking off about 75% of it because I could only get a small bit of it into my mouth. He came in my mouth and all over my face. I was scoulded for wiping his cumm off of my face and spitting into a towel. Oh well, I was going to get spanked anyhow. Now he had a reason to spank me. We talked and eventually I found myself across his lap getting my bare butt spanked! His hand hurt more than usual this time because he was spanking me harder than usual. He stopped briefly and finished with the paddle which stings quite badly. That spanking ended with me on the floor holding my sore ass sobbing. When I stopped crying I noticed that he was fully erect again. It wasn’t long before I had that perfect cock in my ass. It felt like I had a telephone pole in my ass. It hurt quite a bit but as my anus stretched to accommodate his thickness I found it to be the most wonderful thing I had ever felt! It took him a long time to cumm and we used alot of anal lube but he finally pulled that monster out and came again all over my face. After we rested a bit, he informed me that we were about to finish my spanking and directed me to bend over the side of the large desk and hold on to the far side tightly because he didn’t want my hands in the way. I knew that I was in for it real good. My first time to get the razor strap! With each loud crack the stinging pain shot though me like lightning striking! He didn’t stop until he was sure that I would not be sitting down at all for a while (and I didn’t). Jerry

If i was inside you


I could form a garden from the wind

Make it stay for your enjoyment
Then turn it back again
If I were inside you

If I were inside you
I would not move
It seems so slow
But you would move
I know

Heaven and Earth

You would be the gate
And they would be the same

Flaming letters would write your name
Upon every living thing

If I were inside you

If I were inside you
I would expand
Till you could not contain

Thunder would break the sky
And lightening would flash

There would be rain

If I were inside you


If I were inside you
The door of everything
Would open
And we would rock upon the water
Till the sea gave up the dead

The fire in my heart
Would be the sunlight in my head

If I were inside you

If I were inside you
Every pore upon your skin
Would open into rainbows
That would tremble and dissolve

Over and over again

condom xxl

If I were inside you

If I were inside you
Because you let me in
I would fold my tent forever

Hell would curl up at your feet
And go to sleep

And I would never leave again

If I were inside you


(Patrick Willis)

Mantak Chia’s book


Hi Seb, Regarding multiple orgasms, I haven’t yet experienced them but I’d like to think that this is going to change very soon. As you may remember, I’m interested in this subject and I am doing the exercise you recommended. And it’s working. A lot. My orgasms are much deeper and stronger now. And the more I practice, the stronger they become. I read Mantak Chia’s book, and I bought his dvds. The exercises there are difficult to understand and to practice. Having read the book many times, and seen the dvds many times, I still don’t know how to perform the exercises properly. Any workshop, or class, or whatever, that you give in this subject I’ll attend. At the moment, all I can say is that my orgasm is stronger, but I haven’t yet had a full body orgasm. All the best, F

 multi orgasmic

Hello F, Good to hear from you and glad your making some progress. Have you tried using some sort of prostate vibrator, it might help trigger the full body orgasm. I have to be honest I’m not a big fan of Matak Chia’s Philosophies, as that’s what his writings are. There is no research, merely his ideas. I MUCH PREFER AN EARLIER BOOK Hartman & Fithian (Any Man Can; 1984)


“we determined that most multi-orgasmic men do not have what might be termed a ‘full ejaculation’ until they have experienced a number of sexual peaks. The multi-orgasmic men we have studied have chosen to develop that capacity (stopping ejaculation using learned techniques). The behavior itself (interrupting orgasm via such techniques) appears to be at least four thousand years old.” – Hartman & Fithian (Any Man Can; 1984)