The Power of Mindful Masturbation for Men

“Men often masturbate to relieve sexual tension. This universal habit merely scratches the surface of what is possible. Masturbation can be considered a special category of erotic pleasure, not just a substitute for something else, but a practice worthy in itself: one of life’s great joys, to honor and pursue for its own sake. By bringing greater attention to the process of self-pleasuring as a form of loving yourself, masturbating mindfully can increase self-awareness, improve self-esteem, and alter consciousness.” Bruce P. Grether

Mindful Masturbation for Men :

Enroll in this class with a master of masturbation, Bruce P. Grether. From the intimacy of his home, Bruce speaks directly to you and encourages you to follow along as he demonstrates his style of “Mindful Masturbation.”

This class includes full nudity and step-by-step explicit erotic touch instruction.

In this class you can learn:
• How to stretch and prepare your body for masturbation
• All about lubrication
• How to ejaculate consciously
• A variety of strokes to increase the intensity of your pleasure
• Breathing techniques that increase erotic energy

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