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Maybe it’s more than just a coincidence that I found your website when it seems it may lead me to find what I’ve been searching for.  I have always believed that through sex I could experience a spiritual high that … Continue reading

Hot Daddy

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You can see by the times of some of my post, how early I get up just to be alone with all the big dicks on this site. Especially yours! I have never sucked a man’s dick, but would love to try it. I know I would love it. However, I have jacked a couple friends off when we were growing up. Fond memories! I am petrified to try and find a cock to suck because of Aids. And I would want it bareback if I tried it. I’m not about to go to a gloryhole either. I am selfish. I would not be interested in a quickie. I would want to kiss, nibble, sniff, lick and suck until my heart was content and that would take awhile. I’m certain it will never happen, so your website has provided a visual as well as physical release for me. Thanks again! Hot  Daddy

Uncut Playgirl Men

18 uncut men out of a collection of 313 – so 94% of Playgirl models are circumcised, well above the national average. Someone in Playgirl didn’t like foreskins.


Allan Rizzo (August 1994)
Antonio Contrelle (July 1981, Man of the Year 1982)
Bobby Jordan (March 1992)
Carlos Soares (February 1976)
Chad Ullery (July 1994)
David Kelp (February 1992)
Erik Hooper (July 1979)
Geoff Helrich (September 1981)
Greg Anderson (August 1976) ?
Grahame White (December 1979) ?
Jaime Viera (July 1988)
John-Robert LeCocq (March 1981)
John Simmonds (May 1992)
Manny Medina (February 1994)
Matthew Boardman (September 1990)
Stephen Scott aka Mark Davis (August 1984)
Tanju Sion (December 1992)
Woody Parker (December 1974)

prostate stimulation

revolutionise sexuality

On the Pantra Prostate Massager, the piece of plastic which is designed to rub against the perineum ends in a small ball, the effect is increased pleasurable feelings around the perineum when you contract your arsehole.  The other result of tightening your arsehole is you force the Pantra deep up into your arse, where it pushes against the prostate and so forces the seminal fluid stored in the prostate to be released out of your cock, (one sixth of seminal fluid is stored in the prostate; regular release of this fluid may help reduce the risk of inflammation of the prostate, benign prostatic hyperplasia, a condition which affects a large percentage of middle-aged men at some point or another).  As you ejaculate using the Pantra you also experience an intense orgasmic feeling deep inside your arse and emanating from your prostate.  Anyone who has experienced “an anal orgasm” will know that ejaculation is accompanied by an orgasmic feeling more intense than any regular orgasm and an orgasm which leaves many on an emotional “high”.  You may not always ejaculate each time you achieve an anal orgasm, but ejaculation and orgasm are not the same thing and do not necessarily go together, but if they do then hold on to your hat.  If you’ve never shot a load using other anal toys then be prepared to pant like a good ‘un, those juices will flow as you sit on the Pantra. Toa Website]

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