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I am a former US Military man who had a life changing experience 1n 1995. I stand 6 ft tall and at that time weighed in at a solid 260lbs. I had played football in the Marines and enjoyed power lifting-and … Continue reading

The Vikings and Homosexuality


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Homosexuality(argr) was not regarded by the Viking peoples as being evil, perverted, innately against the laws of nature or any of the other baggage about the concept that Christian belief has provided Western culture. It is interesting to note that … Continue reading

male massages before battle


“I’ve had people say, ‘Hey, you know, there’s nothing wrong with gays in the military. Look at the Greeks.’

male massage lingam

Well, you know, they did have people come along who they loved that was the same sex and would give them massages before they went into battle. But you know what, it’s a different kind of fighting, it’s a different kind of war and if you’re sitting around getting massages all day ready to go into a big, planned battle, then you’re not going to last very long. It’s guerrilla fighting. You are going to be ultimately vulnerable to terrorism and if that’s what you start doing in the military like the Greeks did.

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As people have said, ‘Louie, you have got to understand, you don’t even know your history.’ Oh yes I do. I know exactly. It’s not a good idea.” – Rep. Louis Gohmert, speaking on Christian radiomale massage smokingSexological-Spirit-2

A Note to Mr GohmertI have included some pictures below to help you along with your “history” studies.


homosexuals anonymous

mature arab 2…i’ve come again
like a new year
to crash the gate
of this old prison
i’ve come again
to break the teeth and claws
of this man-eating
monster we call life
i’ve come again
to puncture the
glory of the cosmos
who mercilessly
destroys humans
i am the falcon
hunting down the birds
of black omen
before their flights
i gave my word
at the outset to
give my life
with no qualms
i pray to the Lord
to break my back
before i break my word
how do you dare to
let someone like me
intoxicated with love
enter your house
you must know better
if i enter
i’ll break all this and
destroy all that
if the sheriff arrives
i’ll throw the wine
in his face
if your gatekeeper
pulls my hand
i’ll break his arm
if the heavens don’t go round
to my heart’s desire
i’ll crush its wheels and
pull out its roots
you have set up
a colorful table
calling it life and
asked me to your feast
but punish me if
i enjoy myself

mature arab 3

Dear Franco


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Dear Franco, You don’t know what a comfort and what sort of happiness you gave me with your letter. I have been on the point of answering a thousand times to the one in which you alerted me to your illness and have never been capable of doing so, not from cowardice but from selfishness. Perhaps I was happy, who knows, I don’t remember. Now that at least potentially you too are at peace and full of life I can treat you as an equal and reply to you even in the maddest. The first thing to say to you is this: I feel as never before my friendship for you, I very much desire to see you. . . .
I have come to the end of that period in life when one feels wise for having overcome crises or satisfied certain terrible (sexual) needs of adolescence and of first youth. I feel like trying again to give myself once more illusions and desires; I am definitely a little Villon or a little Rimbaud. In such a state of mind if I were to find a friend I could even go to Guatemala or to Paris.
For some years now my homosexuality has entered into my consciousness and my habits and is no longer Another within me. I had had to overcome scruples, moments of irritation and of honesty . . . but finally, perhaps bloody and covered with scars, I have managed to survive, getting the best of both worlds, that is to say eros and honesty.
Try to understand me at once and without too many reservations; it is a cape I must round without hope of turning back. Do you accept me? Good. I am very different from your friend of school and university, am I not? But perhaps much less than you think . . .
Dear Franco, thank fate for your reappearance (by the way are you bald? I warn you that you reappeared to me “blond”), I am full of freshness an expectancy.
An affectionate hug,
Pier Paolo

SOURCE: The Letters of Pier Paolo Pasolini, Volume I: 1940–1954, ed. Nico Naldini, trans. Stuart Hood (London: Quartet Books, 1992)

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Pier Paolo Pasolini (1922 – 1975) was an Italian film director, poet, writer and intellectual. Pasolini distinguished himself as a poet, journalist, philosopher, novelist, playwright, filmmaker, newspaper and magazine columnist, actor, painter and political figure. He demonstrated a unique and extraordinary cultural versatility, becoming a highly controversial figure in the process. While his work remains controversial to this day, in the years since his death Pasolini has come to be valued by many as a visionary thinker and a major figure in Italian literature and art. American literary critic Harold Bloom considers Pasolini to be a major European poet and important in 20th-century poetry, including his works in his collection of the Western canon.

homoerotic paradox

jock panties

There are two sides to the jockstrap that symbolize the homoerotic paradox: the pouch in the front as the shrine of masculinity joined to the straps in the back framing its mythic violation.” Brian Pronger describing the jockstrap In his book The Arena of Masculinity.



OMNISEXUAL: Someone who doesn’t know what the hell he is. Typically it’s the kind of person who says he don’t like to be put in any category or labeled.


lets get it str8 bi joe

HETEROSEXUAL (“straight”): a male or female who is mentally, emotionally, physically, genetically and sexually attracted, and feels internally connected, only to other human members of the opposite sex, and who can enter into a romantic and sexual relationship or union only with members of the opposite sex.

HOMOSEXUAL (“gay/lesbian”): a male or female who is mentally, emotionally, physically, genetically and sexually attracted, and feels internally connected, only to other human members of the same sex, and who can enter into a romantic and sexual relationship or union only with members of the same sex.

bear-cockEX-GAY: There are two different types of ex-gays: 1) a heterosexual who had previously left members of the opposite sex for members of the same sex, but has reverted to his or her natural heterosexual identity. 2) a homosexual who, through various brainwashing techniques, has been convinced that he or she is now a heterosexual, which usually ends disasterously, including suicide.

EX-EX-GAY: a homosexual who has recovered from subjection to brainwashing techniques that had convinced the person that he or she had become heterosexual.

BISEXUAL (“bi”): a male or female who is mentally, emotionally, physically and sexually attracted, and feels internally connected, to other humans of either sex, and who can enter into a romantic and sexual relationship or union with members of either.

BI CURIOUS: not to be confused with a true homosexual, heterosexual, or bi sexual, a Bi Curious person is one who feels multiple internal signals from both sexes and is not sure to which sexual category he or she belongs, though generally such a person will lean toward
homosexuality. There are countless psychological reasons for this condition, some benign and some serious.

TRANS SEXUAL: a heterosexual or homosexual male or female who has had, or wishes to have, sexual reassignment through surgery to that of the opposite sex.

TRANSVESTITE: a heterosexual or homosexual male or female who finds pleasure in, or who prefers to wear, clothing and paraphanalia commonly associated with the opposite sex. The term “Drag Queen” generally refers to homosexual transvestites. The term “Female Impersonator” generally refers to anyone who dresses as the opposite sex for entertainment purposes, regardless of whether that person is a transvestite.

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BIGOT: a person who hates and/or represses others who are not like them, either by threats, violence, or the passage of discriminatory laws. Also known as a member of the Nazi party.

HOMOPHOBIA: a mental disorder causing fear of same-sex intimacy, or of others of the same sex who are intimate.

OMNISEXUAL: Someone who doesn’t know what the hell he is. Typically it’s the kind of person who says he don’t like to be put in any category or labelled.

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Was James Weldon Johnson gay?

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Poet, songwriter civil rights activist James Weldon Johnson’s single novel, “autobiography of an ex-colored man” examines the role between sexual identity and race. The ex-colored man has a relationship with a white gentlemen. Some will find parts of the story quite homoerotic. his most famous poem was The Creation, which more will find extremely homoerotic.