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oldfatcockGreetings from Australia. At 68, I am a confessed “Dirty Old Man”! Since my youth I have been fascinated by the bulges in men’s pants. By the time I was 18 finally managed to see what was hidden in mature men’s pants, and have been a cock and ball lover ever since then and still only attracted to mature (45-75) men. While cocks are “A Glorious gift from Heaven”, those stupendous delicious gonads, are so much neglected. By the time I was 21, was totally free from any inhabition, and explored all forms of m/m (and the occasional m/f sex). That included the whole spectrum of “Sex“!  S & M, C/P W/S, FF, while in the S/M field especially fascinated by CBT, personally I would call it CB Pleasure! Lowhangers, are spectacular, to lick, suck and chew! Although mine were always to sensitive,it is a joy for me to see so called “Abused” balls. I corresponded for a while with George here in Sydney. To find your site was/is a delight, I have a friend that is very much into the A.C. rituals, but never really explained it fully to me, and what I know is through “Sensational Press” etc. My Army time, in The Netherlands, as I am Dutch born, “Cured” me of religion, but that is an other story. No matter that I was 100% celebate in that period, I came out a “Free Man”, and as I said,explored all facets of sexuality.Cheers! John B-T.


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My pussy literally gushes when I see an old man in his 60’s/70’s/80’s with slim to average build, nice smile, glasses, grey hair to balding, and gigantic cocks, especially ALL the old men drawn in charcoal on page 1 of the oldmen gallery. I would seriously fuck each & every one of them. BUT, my ultimate fantasy is to get knocked up by such an old man. I am half their age, barely 5’0″ tall, white, with big natural double DD titties. And I would like my old man to carry me around on his big fat thick cock while sucking/biting/playing with my titties (& hopefully milking them one day when he gets me pregnant). By the way, I would put a pussy plug in my cunt after each session to make sure none of his sperm leaks out, even when I’m out shopping & doing mundane everyday things. That is my ultimate fantasy, except I would add I also want to deepthroat his cock while talking dirty to him, give him a lap dance fully naked so he can do whatever he wants with my body, and fuck fuck fuck fuck!


p.s. videotaping ourselves having sex is also a turn on.  Note: ever since I found this site by chance I’m addicted. I seriously cannot get enough OLD MAN COCK. There’s not another site like this one (I’ve looked). I make sure to cum here each day to fantasize & get off. Just wish I could meet one of the old men in the pictures, in particular ALL the old men on page 1, and the 3 or 4 old men that I found meet my description of what I look for in an old man lover. Sweetiepie