Boxer Tyson’s Borey Corey

King of the Gypsies and World Champion Boxer Tyson Fury Tyson Fury ‘wishes’ he had Anthony Joshua’s Borey Corey. “I like the guy. He has a good body, I bet he has a big cock, and all. Probably I wish I had it,” If he did it would probably look like this

Miguel Cotto’s Floppy Cock

Miguel Cotto 2Miguel Cotto 1Miguel Cotto 3

Miguel Ángel Cotto Vázquez is a Puerto Rican professional boxer. He is the first and only Puerto Rican to win titles in 4 different weight classes and is the current Transnational Boxing Rankings Board, WBC & The Ring World Middleweight Champion. As an amateur, Cotto represented Puerto Rico in the lightweight and light welterweight divisions at various international events including the 1999 Pan American Games, the 2000 Summer Olympics and the 1998 Junior World Championships where he won a silver medal. Cotto began his professional career in 2001, and on September 11, 2004, he defeated Kelson Pinto for the WBO junior welterweight championship. He defended the title successfully a total of six times, before vacating it when he ascended to the welterweight division.Jordan-Selph-naked big cock

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