I Want to be Fucked?


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I’m thinking about letting a guy fuck me, but I dont want it to be all lovey dovy or anything because that would turn me off. I’m not attracted to men, I just want to be fucked. Interesting site you … Continue reading

stimulation of the rosebud


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All men can experience a sensational orgasm by stimulation of the rosebud. An erection is required, because stimulation of the rosebud combined with cock massage will simply take you to heaven, and back. Pull your pants down and shake you arse. Warm your cheeks … Continue reading

married anal virgin

married-anal-virginI really enjoyed reading your site. I am a married anal virgin although I too hate definitions. I have tried unsuccessfully to get my wife to TAKE me (although pre-child she used to love it up the arse from me herself but now denies it – how sad). Ater reading your stuff I was royally tempted to pick up the phone and cheat big time when she took the children to her mothers to leave me for a weekend of DIY (fnaar). Instead I indulged in a small delight of my own – a thorough enema session followed by much butt pluggery using bananas as a solidly insertable lubricant. Your site inspired twists that made this a revolutionary event were, (1)take a lot of time. Often I had wanked my cock too early and the arse sensations just boost the cock orgasm. (2) recognise and accept that anal orgasms exist. These first two of these twists were Care of your site. The part that blew my mind, however was to video myself and revue it afterwards. I had enemas for a couple of hours and despite one unfortunate event (home made reservoir dropped 3 gallons of watersoda salt mix through the floor and ceiling below) all went normally. That was a first for me and the humidity level of the house rose to about 98% (I was sweating about plastering costs). Water having been dealt with, and air acknowledge by opening a couple of windows, I abandoned the bathroom for later repair and decided to get my earth fired up in the pursuit of spirit!arse 56

Checked out the sitting room and the cam corder to see if they had survived the flood and both were functional. I got some sheets, cushions, lights, wine, lube, bananas, dildos and everything I might need and set the room up so that I could keep a quarter of an eye on the TV while the camcorder kept its entire eye on my anus. I have hunted the internet for descriptions of what others do with banana and felt that the true versatility of the fruit has been missed. Bananas should be peeled and fairly ripe. Dilate your arse a little with a medium butt plug and slip them in. Try to snip them in the middle by biting them in half with your sphincter or just go for full depth and shuffle them in with your fingers and dildo. – and then ram them home. They make a fantastic natural lubricant which doesn’t dry out. Sometimes I like to go for the really stuffed feeling of 5 or 6 bananas rammed home.

married anal virgin

Other times I like to “snip” them. This time I did both. After a while, I began to forget the camera and really get down to stimulating my anus with a collection of dildos. My sheets/towels were scattered with bits of ejected banana by this time which were good for quick lube, but mainly I was playing with my favourite toys and getting uncommonly lost in the mood. It is also great fun to pull a dildo out and see your anus wink and then yellow banana cum dribble out of you- and it is so slippy….try it ! I avoided stimulating my cock which was flaccid most of the time – I deliberately aimed to be anal-centric as once I cock come I lose interest. I had what a peak time when I had been fucking my arse really fast and deep in a kind of a trance – I peaked and squirted a pulse of fluid out for my flaccid dick. I thought it was piss and as I have been trying hard to drink my own piss recently (recommended, and another story) I tasted but it was not semen or urine but literally as sweet as honey. I had little desire to wank my cock but much desire to buck and ride my dildo’s. Eventually retired to bed tired but satisfied, 6 HOURS after I started. The real revelation came when I watched the video. Yes it was fascinating to watch myself slipping dildos in and my anus dilating and dripping banana cum, but were it got really interesting was the places were I squirted honey” from my cock – at those times (and a few others) I also ejaculated a cup full of clear fluid in copious quantities from my anus around the dildo. Not banana. Gush. Gosh. My body was orgasming from every orifice and the only thing partly missing out on it was my mind. I had no idea that men self wet like this. I remember being being deeply jealous when my wife vaginally came in buckets a few years ago on holiday but that men can anally ejaculate like that re-write the medical books for me. What have they been teachng us for all these years ? I am desperate to feel a knob in my arse and have been for years, but I have long assumed it is incompatible with m-f marraige and somewhat sordid and wrong. Fuck programming I want to break free. I have never felt so strong in years. jealous en my wife vaginally came in buckets a few years ago on holiday but that men can anally ejaculate like that re-write the medical books for me. What have they been teaching us for all these years ? I am desperate to feel a knob in my arse and have been for years, but I have long assumed it is incompatible with m-f marrage and somewhat sordid and wrong. Fuck programming I want to break free. I have never felt so strong in years. Ian


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Exposing Your Arsehole


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As sunlight is known to have fantastic germicidal and magickal qualities exposing your arse to its rays will help keep it healthy. Start by exposing your back to the sun. Bend forward placing your hands above your ankles. Feel the … Continue reading

Super O Anal Orgasm


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Yesterday I experienced my first male anal orgasm, it was the most intense climax of my life and I want to shout about it from the rooftops. Hence me looking for more information today on the internet, and ending up on … Continue reading

forbidden male pleasure

arse black

Open your arse, and your body, mind, and spirit will follow. Sugar and spice and everything nice this is the rosebud class, get out of your head, and into your anus

after the storm

Begin a journey into often forbidden male pleasure, recharge your sexual energy with easy to learn anal breathing techniques. Every breathe brings a new blast of deep masculine sensations. external anal massage also available as a class with other men. To register for the next class, click here. Coaching in Anal Orgasm is about discovering the erotic potential of your arsehole. Learn to enjoy your BEAUTY. You do not have to be gay to experience and enjoy an external anal massage. You cannot be masculine and tight-arsed as men’s strength comes from their arse. Relax your arse, and your mind, body, and spirit will follow. Discover the deepest relaxation of your life with Reiki-style external anal massage and Meditation. Relax your arse and your mind, body and spirit will follow. Like all muscles, your rosebud muscles enjoys loving kindness male massages. At the beginning of this ritual, we will practice a very easy to learn anal breathing meditation. Then Mr. Cox will demonstrate the basic strokes of Rosebud Massage. Each stroke and each breath allows you a different sensation. Each wakes up different tissues and stimulates different nerve endings. There will be an opportunity to practice with a partner, so every man can enjoy these incredible sensations of pleasure. Private location in Central London.


Touch is never random or rotational. You always get to choose.

To register for The Rosebud Class, click here

ᴉuᴉlɐʇunʞ kundalini – The New Rosebud Class

Sunday, Sep 25, 2016, 5:30 PM

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enjoy your arse


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I often wonder why it’s so taboo. Your arse is a very important and special part of your body. You should spend as much time exploring and looking after this part of your body as you do any other part. … Continue reading

prosager massager 1936


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I was very relaxed, just having had a little smoke. I was lying on my bed naked and horny. My cock was annoying me. I had just changed the bed-sheets and did not want spunk all over them. But, as … Continue reading