Body Electric Uk

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Dear Seb, I just wanted to congratulate you on your brilliant web site.  It really is delightful, informative, educational and inviting!  You have a straightforward, unapologetic tone that is refreshing!  It’s great to know there are people like you who openly love men the way they want to, make no apologies, aren’t as interested in labeling themselves as they are in having great sex, and DO THEIR HOMEWORK re: the wild, wildly delicious world of sexuality. I have four life partners, love them all dearly (three men and one woman) and recently discovered Body Electric here in California, and can’t friggin’ BELIEVE how much power there is in my own body.  I feel like a walking electric company!  Can’t wait to take all BE’s other courses. Thanks again for the great work you do in the world, and for being so open about it on your web site.  We whores LOVE hearing about other whores and their successes.  (OK, I’m not a professional whore, and don’t mean to offend you by pretending I’m one. I just love sex and like being a whore with my partners. They like it too!) Orgasmically, J.J.(USA)

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