30-Day Ejaculation Challenge

The science is clear. The more you ejaculate when you are young the less likely you are to suffer from prostate cancer when you are oldTake the 30-Day Ejaculation Challenge. Have a good wank 2 ejaculation daily making each ejaculation spectacular. 

Ejaculation increases levels of oxytocin, DHEA, and testosterone which leaves you feeling happy and completely relaxed. The hormones released during Ejaculation also reduce the amount of the stress hormone cortisol. Ejaculation boosts testosterone – Testosterone increases your sex drive, helps bone and muscular health, and is good for your heart. Ejaculation help you feel younger – The hormone DHEA increases during  Ejaculation DHEA can boost your immune system, repair tissue, improve cognition, keep skin healthy, and even work as an antidepressant.  Ejaculation is good for your heart – a cascade of cardioprotective hormones is released during Ejaculation. Studies suggest that regular sexual release reduces chances of suffering heart attacks or strokes.  Ejaculation can cure headaches – Oxytocin (a hormone with properties similar to morphine) is released during Ejaculation. It can help relieve all kinds of pain.   Ejaculation can help you sleep – Oxytocin again, acting as a natural sedative.  Ejaculation can fight depression – Regular Ejaculation from sex or masturbation can improve mood and lower the incidence of depression.  Ejaculation helps keep you fit – Ejaculation is exercise burning calories per hour. Butt most importantly men who Ejaculation more when they are younger, have less prostate problems when they are older. That is a scientific fact. There are six types of male ejaculation. The types depended on how strong your ejaculations are. Like a “1″ would be just a few tiny dribbles. On the other hand a “6″ would be where you lost complete control over your body, violent shaking and spunk seriously blasting out of your cock and deep spiritual moaning. Your spunk is very nutritious, it contains zinc, calcium and other minerals shown among many other benefits to slow down tooth decay, your spunk is sacred. It contains prostaglandin, a hormone specific to semen, and men who eat their own, have lower rates of depression and spunk more than those who don’t. To produce more spunk take a daily dose of Niacin(Vitamin B 3) 200 mg, Zinc Citrate 300 mg, and some Asafoetida, A resin used in Indian cooking available from the better Supermarkets in Brick Lane, London E.1. Take a small taste mixed with tablespoon of honey after breakfast for 30-days. Then CUMM back and leave a reply below.


6 thoughts on “30-Day Ejaculation Challenge

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  3. Hello Sirs!

    Is it possible to ejaculate only using your thoughts? I didn’t see any category for this and was wondering if you had any info?


    • Of course!
      For years just my imagination would do it for me! Then someone taught me how to use my hands. Never as orgasmic as imagination but still great!

  4. Hi guys!
    I wondering if you had any indication on hand free ejaculation. I didn’t see a category on that. I’ve been trying everything I can and no luck. I just want to ejaculate using my mind.


  5. I’ve actually seen a guy do it before. We were having a circle jerk, and he chose to cum hands-free. (Granted, he had plenty of visual stimulus.) And Pornhub has a few of these guys.

    Beyond that, wet dreams and premature ejaculation are coming from just thoughts.

    It’s also possible to cum without thinking about sex or while being forced. I hope the only time that’s relevant to you is jury duty.

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