Lenny Kravitz Exposed Cock

Rock Legend Lenny Kravitz’s leather pants split open on stage in Stockholm last night, exposing his cock-ringed penis. Many men wear a cock ring under tight pants to make their bulge more prominent, Lenny’s exposed cock has caused sensational headlines worldwide. Lenny Kravitz penis exposed

  • Complex: Lenny Kravitz Exposed His Penis After His Leather Pants Ripped Open Onstage
  • NME : Lenny Kravitz exposed as leather trousers rip during first song of festival set.
  • The Evening Standard: Lenny Kravitz accidentally exposes himself on stage after leather trousers rip
  • Gigwise: Lenny Kravitz Suffers “Wardrobe Malfunction”
  • Hollywood News Daily: Lenny Kravitz Has The Worst Wardrobe Malfunction Of All Time!
  • E! Online: Lenny Kravitz Splits His Pants and Flashes Penis During Stockholm Concert! See the NSFW Pics
  • UPROXX: Lenny Kravitz Split His Pants While Performing, Revealing A Very NSFW Surprise
  • USA NEWS : Lenny Kravitz Rips Leather Pants on Stage, Accidentally Exposes Himself to Fans (and the Internet!)
  • The Daily Mail: Lenny lets rip! Kravitz proves he goes commando when his leather trousers split WIDE open over his crotch during energetic gig in Sweden
  • Noisey: Lenny Kravitz’s Pants Ripped On Stage and His Dong Popped Out
  • The Huffington Post: Lenny Kravitz’s Leather Pants Split On Stage, Exposing Genitalia
  • Globalnews.ca: Lenny Kravitz rips pants, fans go nuts
  • Billboard: So… Lenny Kravitz’s Penis Popped Out On Stage in Sweden
  • Digital Spy: Lenny Kravitz rocks out with his c**k out after onstage trouser split
  • The Local, Sweden: Lenny Kravitz lets it rip on stage in Sweden
  • Gawker: Lenny Kravitz Shredded So Hard His Dick Fell Out On Stage
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foot fetish


I am not gay and I am not sexually attracted to men. I love women, but I have a foot fetish. Especially with barefeet!!! This fetish works with both female and male, but I prefer male feet. Just to look at mens feet arouses me. Obviously, the notion that only gay men can be into anything associated with other men is NOT true. I read this somewhere else too. I like to take the foot and put it upon my cock and do ‘pedal pumping’. I only look at pictures of feet now, because I don’t hang with any gays, and don’t care for anything but what I just mentioned. I did have one friend who was adventurous, and he let me do it. It was great! Otherwise, I have no desire at all for men. Male nudity, or sex is unacceptable. In fact, it ruins the fetish. For anything else, I only like women. I wonder if I am alone with this? Anon


cock wrestling

wrestler hung exposed 2

With the exception of Rugby, it’s hard to imagine any other sport more associated with homosexuality than wrestling. It’s sexy pinning combinations, makes it a source of great erotic delight for many men. I have a mate that is addicted to wanking while he watches his wrestling videos, or his pornography, as he calls it


I was in my mid-20s. I was one of a group of ten guys who got together for a Saturday night of wrestling in the basement gym of one of them. We all stripped down to jockstraps, paired off according to who most closely matched in size, weight, etc., and then wrestled two at a time with the others watching. The rule was that winner would fuck the loser up the ass and the loser would jerk off, while all the others watched. I won my bout (which was the fourth one of the night), fucked the other guy good, and then let him jerk off on my hairy chest. Hottest damn night of sex in my life! Dan

sex erect wrestler

Wrestling with another guy — a total stranger whom I’ve never met before — with us both stripped down to nothing but our jockstraps. Winner fucks the loser up the ass with the both of us still wearing our jocks. It would be even better if there were some other jockstrapped guys there watching us, too. Hank

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true spirituality

tumblr_mwi7lxBEea1qdlh1io1_r1_400If you cannot accept every tiny bit of your sexuality, you will never discover your true spirituality. Your sexuality leads to discovering your Spirituality. As men we must present ourselves in both our sexual and our spiritual selves. At the same time we must remain conscious that our spirituality expands and will one day make contact with the entire universe. While our sexual self is limited, our spiritual capacity is utterly vast. Sexually we reach only a few people, while our feelings and especially our thoughts (spirituality) are capable of reaching all. Connecting our spiritual and sexual thoughts is far more powerful and embraces infinitely more, it is also more subtle and has greater possibilities, allowing us to do dream any dream that we want. One day, however, after numerous incarnations and immense spiritual work, our spiritual will activate our sexual instantaneously. As g(o)d’s men we have to learn how to connect our sexual pleasures to our spirituality. We need to be taught this skill; we need guides to show us how. If we don’t our spirituality gets made up for us by other people, and our sexual pleasures are far too fucking sacred for us to allow that do happen. I’m older than you, this is wisdom speaking.