Online Erotic Touch Male Massage Classes

Through association with The New School of Erotic Touch and The Orgasmic Yoga Institute, Mr Cox offers hundreds of hours of Online Erotic Touch Male Massage Classes, teachings and clips that explore Eros in a healthy, informative medium. Based on modern Sexological Bodywork, Somatics and ancient practices from Tantra and Taoism, these wonderful video courses provide you with a great way to explore your erotic nature in the privacy of your own home. Best value: $99 all classes for 3 months, $10 per month thereafter. $19.95 individual video classes, renews at $9.95/month. $39 per month for all classes, renews monthly

The Best of Penis Massage

63 minutes of explicit video with Joseph Kramer, Ph.D. Learn from playful, creative men and women liberated from sexual habit. Includes: lovemaking with a partner, self loving, erotic initiation, sex coaching, exploring altered states, and good old-fashioned pleasuring. Enjoy liberation from sexual habit. Video from eight DVDs offers the full spectrum of male genital massage. In this class you can learn:
• The caress of cock
• The penis-prostate connection
• How to expand pleasure while aroused
• How to do the Big Draw
• Mindful wanking
• Massage techniques to use during intercourse
• How to incorporate anal play
• Breathing techniques that increase erotic energy

The Best of Penis Massage

Anal Massage on a Man

97 minutes of explicit video with Chester Mainard Explore the pleasures of anal eroticism, including how to contact the “male G spot.” Learn the art of giving a rosebud massage, penetrating gracefully, and pleasuring the prostate. This class includes full nudity and step-by-step explicit erotic touch instruction. In this class you can learn:
• To expand pleasure, deepen intimacy, and build trust
• To experience deep levels of relaxation
• How to prepare for an anal massage
• Tried and true techniques including:
• Waking the pelvis
• External anal massage
• Graceful penetration
• Prostate massage
• Breathing techniques that increase erotic energy

Anal Massage on a Man

Male Genital Massage

180 minutes of explicit video with Joseph Kramer, Ph.D.“The ultimate hand job lesson, providing live-action instruction on how to pleasure a man’s penis.” Learn the joys of giving and receiving a genital massage that often leads to a spiritual and transformative full-bodied orgasm. In this course, four men’s penises are massaged, two by female lovers and two by male lovers. This class includes full nudity and step-by-step explicit erotic touch instruction. In this class you can learn:

• 25 strokes for the penis, including:
• High friction strokes
• Massaging the head of the penis
• Soft penis massage
• Scrotal massage
• The benefits of separating giving from receiving
• Alternatives to ejaculation
• Breathing techniques that increase erotic energy

Male Genital Massage

Erotic Nothingness-Allowing Sex To Have Its Way With Us

66 minutes of Buddhist-influenced massage meditation. Peter Denger, a meditator for thirty-five years, demonstrates this mindfulness massage twice-once on a woman and once on a man. There is nothing for the receiver to do except to be aware. The receiver is asked be attentive to their sensations without attaching to them. You will learn:

  • An erotic massage meditation
  • Single point-of-attention stroke for a woman
  • Several point-of-attention strokes for a man
  • To enjoy having no goal–nothingness
  • The art of erotic mindfulness
  • To touch and be touched slowly
  • To allow sex to have its way with you.

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Genital Massage for Men

30 minutes of explicit video from Red Hot Touch with Jaiya. Three erotically-gifted women caress their male lovers deep into non-ordinary erotic states and create new pleasure patterns in their bodies. The masseuses demonstrate twenty ways to touch the male genitals. This class includes full nudity and step-by-step explicit erotic touch instruction.

• Over twenty different genital massage strokes
• How to delay ejaculation to prolong pleasure
• How to deepen communication, intimacy and connection
• To move sexual sensations throughout the entire body with breath
• How to have full body and multiple orgasms

Genital Massage for Men


           (yet somehow unexpected)

he arrived

the guest

the heart trembling

“Who’s there?”

and soul responding

“The Moon…”

came into the house

and we lunatics

ran into the street

stared up


for the moon



struggling to get my dick hard

Hello. I’m 24 years old and a healthy gay man. However, I’ve been struggling with getting my dick hard or keeping it hard when I’m with another man. It frustrate me and I don’t know how to deal with this. I receive a lot of invites for dates or sex, but I feel afraid that I won’t function so I’ve been avoiding relationships. Could you help me anyway, please? Anonymous

Multi-Orgasmic Sacredness

Dear Seb, I just ‘happened’ on your site yesterday, still amazed at what’s there. your generosity of Spirit is so evident at all that you are able to share with us. Well I’m very glad to know of you, & I have become an ‘instant’ Admirer. Sacredness is inherent in all your doing – your individual Way – different from the old traditions, which underpin, yet are surpassed, by your Multi-Orgasmic Man approach. I have spent some time going through the autobiographical information, which you have given, hence my statements about your deep mystical Insights. Your Special Magick which is so fascinating & attractive, I sense is still unfolding. I also have been reading between some of the lines, as you indicate. Again Fascinating & Intriguing ! Bye for now. Loving Regards to you, Jim