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Dear Seb, I have been reading all about your massaging the prostate and feel I must write you and explain what happened to me I went to the doctor as I was feeling lethargic and tired at times during the day well the doctor recommended I have some testosterone injections once a week which worked fine I was full of energy and seemed to have found the fountain of youth by these injections I started body building as I felt I needed some exercise which I soon had muscles where I didn’t think I had anyway. The time came for me to have a check on my prostrate which surprised me and the doctor he couldn’t find my prostate he said it was so small and not to worry but for a few years prior to the check up I always used to play with a small butt of skin from the seam that runs down from my testes to my anus and it was there I used to get so much pleasure and I used to get wet each time I thought I had an orgasm from my arse not my cock I am getting older but still can jerk off also play with this bit of skin which swells up when I play with it. I know it sounds silly or even stupid but is this possible it could be my prostate on the outside of my anus I never have any feeling when I engage in having sex.

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Gordon, good to hear that the testosterone injections gave you a sparkle. In relation to your doctor’s comment about your prostate being small, what a fucking stupid thing for your doctor to say. Everyone’s prostate is small; the average prostate weighs about 25 grams when a man is not erect. During erection the prostate swells and some evidence suggests it can then weigh up to six times more, as ejaculation is anticipated seminal fluid flows in. When you are sexually aroused the part of your cock that is inside (marked A in the diagram above) presses on your expanding prostate (marked B in the diagram above). You can feel the inner part of your cock when you are aroused by simply running your finger along the ridge between your arsehole and balls, your perineum. You can gently massage this area with one finger circling 81 times to the right, breathing deeply and then 81 times to the left. Then place the tips of your four fingers on your perineum and vibrate your fingers furiously. Then relax for some time, become aware of your breathing, flutter your arse for several minutes, and repeat the exercise, butt this timing bring your circling finger all the way along your perineum directly onto your anal lips. Placing the tips of your fingers and thumb around your anal lips, vibrate furiously for several minutes and relax. Then, sliding a wet finger inside is of course, optional, butt highly recommended.

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Please note this article first appeared on the Revolution Male Massage website

massage my prostate

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Hi. I read so much about super O, anal orgasm etc.. and I tried with aneros and other prostate massager nothing happened to me at all. The other day I read in your website that a guy has same experience with me and doc told him that he got small prostate. Do you think this might happened to me too?? I just what to know how to reach / get this anal orgasm. cheers, steve

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Tantric Male Spanking Massage in London.  Spanking 4 Pleasure Massage allows you experience an unbelievable euphoric ‘natural high’. Endorphins are released to counteract the pain signals being sent to the brain. They interact with the brain’s opiate receptors, having an effect similar to morphine, which results in an intense ‘high’. Some men experience an altered state of consciousness. Exposing your magnificent arse to a male spanking will stimulate the pudendal nerve (major nerve supplying the genitals), increasing blood flow and causing your cock to become engorged. The brain processes this stimulus as pleasure rather than pain and releases adrenaline. This causes your cock to become further enlarged, thereby intensifying your experience,  triggering amazing pleasure unbelievable psychological and physical responses. Prepare for a mind-blowing experience!


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hung sexological bodywork Hi Seb, I have been checking out your website for a long time, well done mate. I am looking for a sexological MASSAGE professional who can help me deal with my Dick’s self love and an unfulfilled longing for almost ritualized wank Magick ceremonies where my Dick can commune with another practiser of Magick. My name is Alan I am 44, slender but with a little belly, a biggish dick with an 8mm Prince Albert and a line of piercings that go from the bottom of It’s shaft along the perineum towards my arse. I think I am quite Tantric without all the mumbo jumbo. I just love the energy that my Dick summons up when it demands to be hard. I get off on breath play too, deep holding of it, having my guts pinched in with a corset or clingfilm so the lungs have to really control themselves. My Dick also loves it when I put elastic bands around my head and look like a freak also it sometimes makes me shove things down my throat til I gag, like tubing and stuff and I have to lube up my throat to help it-I use toothpaste a lot. But always there is some element of otherness and I love my Dick. I could play with it all day and keep it happy, and with my piercings, when I wank away at it, it jangles like music. Now I can pretty much usually fulfil all these desires and often alone but I have a real yearning for something quite ritualized and I was wondering if you could summon up some Sex Magick and indulge me or share some ceremonial indulgence? You seem like a real friendly guy but it is the ceremony that I have always missed and am searching for and I want to please a fellow congregationalist who will encourage me to delve down into something and show them it. By the way would like to share a fantasy i have lately been having imagining you sticking me in a mask, getting a woman in with a shaved cunt who make me lick her out good and hard til her labia dangles onto my tongue like the little dick that it is, all the while you are fucking her up the arse. Anyway would be interested to see if you can help me. Respectfully Alan