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About Big Lingam Tantra Male Massage Group, aka The Brotherhood of Pleasure

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A great environment to learn and practice. Loved being natrually naked with other like-minded men in a non-judgemental and non-critical atmosphere. Hands on experience in every way – the only way to learn how to give in a more fulfilling way ”— Pete on Jul 11, 2010.

Truth, Goodness, Beauty – all in a respectful and safe environment.  It is an opportunity to truly connect with yourself and others…and to demystify Tantra! Great One Seb!!! ”— J T on May 24, 2010.

sexological cockNot only is it a way of meeting like minded people and as the first two meet ups proved a way of connecting with others, sharing in their experiences and acquiring new techniques along the way. ”— Warwick

Thanks guys for a fabulous afternoon. wonderful massage, chat and company. any suggestions you have for future meetups of Naked Warriors in Manchester let me know and stay in touch. john ”n May 30, 2010.

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This was a really insightful, lovely session! I learned so much, and was so intensely inspired by watching Lovely Men, who, having never, or done very little Massage before, really excelled themselves. The intention was good, the energy vibrant and flowing, with a sense of connection with everyone. I feel we have all grown so much as Men, learning this. A very Sacred, privelidge to have witnessed. So many ways of giving Men so much pleasure that really enabled them to express their feelings of pleasure. Truly just as the meet was titled: Trust, Truth and Respect. Very much so. Thank you Seb, for all your passionate input, thoughts and planning that goes into making these events so very special.

multi-orgasmic man mature“ It was an honest exchange of intimacy and friendship within a safe clean and warm environment. ”

On my first visit to this group I have come away wanting to learn more about not only tantric but also the people in this group.  kd on Oct 4, 2010.

very nice massage techniques filled with sensual and engery flow more relaxing can feel when we are having 4 handed massage

enjoy your arseBrotherhood of Pleasure“ I really enjoyed it and will be going back. Lovely food and ace music ”Sep 13, 2013.

Brotherhood of Pleasure“ Can’t wait for the next I can attend ”— Aug 15, 2013.

“ could not have a better group of people and ideas-to give and receive a warm massage- a all round 5 star afternoon -could have spent a whole day working on different bodies -thanks for a great afternoon food -people -host -and great massage space.  PETE on Jun 17, 2013.

enjoy your arseholeBrotherhood of Pleasure“ Very Friendly…. ”— George on Mar 26, 2013.

Brotherhood of Pleasure“ masculine, safe and nurturing. Each time I go I feel able to let go of my inhibitions just a little bit more ”— Mark on Dec 23, 2012.

Brotherhood of Pleasure“ Seb shares the space with so much generosity and professionalism, that one would never believe he actually lives there too! ”— Michael on Dec 23, 2012.

wanking to pornBrotherhood of Pleasure“ a good mix of ages and types ”— George on Dec 23, 2012.

Very happy to be a member. — Greg on May 29, 2011.

celebrate touch hapiness and your beautiful lingam of course and thank to kindness of seb ”— benoit on Feb 28, 2011.

Have been to 2 meetings, both well organised & enjoyable. The Big Lingam Tantra London group is enthusiastic & friendly ”— Colin on Feb 14, 2011.

Sexual Healers masculineThere should be more groups like this, brave enough to want to get this knowledge out to men. Thanks to Seb & Jayck for putting it together. ”— jeoff  on Jul 13, 2010.

A great, non-threatening, supportive space for men to learn grow and discover their sexual and inner potential ”— Peter 10, 2011.

“ love it, the tantric teacher was very charismatic and genuinely made us enjoy all the moves, this is my first ever yoga and for sure not last, one, thanks for such a positive vibe, made me think more seriously about life appearance and grooming……..inside out ….

multi-orgasmic manget in touch with your sensual self.

great 4meeting others with same interest

Best men’s forum ever!

“ enjoyable throughout ”

Great evening lots of new techniques…

very friendly and relaxing, and welcoming  Jul 9, 2012.

Great evening lots of great guys and new techniques to be tried … Great to Way to spend an evening..

foreskin huge hungLovely bunch of guys, very friendly and relaxing. Definitely would recommend it. ”

the naked warriors is at the front of a full hearted sensual experience ”

Good men, good intention, brother hood. ”— Duff on Feb 4, 2011.

interesting and sexy! ”— Jufdi on Jan 30, 2011

Good men, good intention, brother hood. There should be more groups like this, brave enough to want to get this knowledge out to men. Thanks 4 putting it together.  Jul 13, 2010

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