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Here at CUMM UK we have on average of 15,000 unique visitors a day. Do you want to reach these thousands of readers who are looking to improve their sex lives ?

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Not only will you get to introduce yourself to our audience, but you’ll get links back to your website, and social media profiles

All you’ve got to do is send an email to sebcox@hotmail.co.uk with the subject [Write for CUMM UK].

Things to Include In the Email:

• Article
• Short Bio
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Article Requirements

1. Must fit into our Sexuality, Spirituality, Masculinity categories
2. Minimum of 400 words – 3000 word maximum
3. If claims are made in the article, please site studies or resources to back them

Any and all articles submitted must be 100% unique. Lastly, not all articles that are submitted will be accepted. Our team will contact you with an answer within 72 hours of submission. We also welcome your photos and short erotic stories