What do Scot Bear Daddies Were Under their Kilts

Being a Bizniss man myself who likes doing bizniss with other blokes, I like to freeball in my power suits. Quick wanks in the gym at lunchtime and working it late into the night with clean-shaven scruffy Jizmen past 5 o’clock shadow time is what it’s all about greasing your way up the corporate poll. Please post more corporate cock

One thought on “What do Scot Bear Daddies Were Under their Kilts

  1. Not in the least bit draughty, being a true Scot always makes for a good party. Whether it’s pissing with the boys out on display or reeling with a cheeky smile, my wee purple heided monster is always keen to play. Many’s the time I’ve had to brush off dried snail trails of pre-cumm and jiz from the night before.

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