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To worship phallus

To worship a man is to worship God. If God himself came down to earth and asked you to put his throbbing God-phallus on your mouth or into your fleshy hole, would you do it?

Are we not made in his him image? What greater worship could there be than to suck and swallow and give hot, wet, slippery pleasure to God’s massive, blood-engorged, phallus? to lick the in-between place.. between the huge hanging fruits of creation and the fleshy, musky hole of pure pleasure. To lovingly hold the warm, heavy balls of god in your mouth. To caress them and smell them, to feel the hairy sack tickle the back of your throat. What power and pleasure and warmth and love. Gliding your slippery warm tongue up the rock harness of pulsing veins and flesh, reaching a sweet, glimmering jewel of God juice forming at the opening of heaven. To taste God’s life beginning to overflow from the impossible beauty of the soft, firm head – incompletely covered by the tightening sheath of gods fore-skin. As your tongue prays to the magic stiffening cock and the sheath pulls back to reveal the beauty and perfection of curves of the universe sculpted into flesh, God’s nectar begins to drip down the beating shaft to your adoring lips. Your fleshy, engorged, wet, red lips open for the head of God’s massive cock. The entirety of his hard, sweet, pliable, perfect flesh slips effortlessly into the infinite reaches of you soul.


You inhale and massage God’s divinity with the throat muscles God gave to you Your warm, wet mouth and throat worship with each loving thrust of God’s perfect hips, filling your entire being with the slippery warmth of God’s love. The worship continues with you on your knees, praying and worshiping God, praying for Him to fulfill you. Soon, God’s Cock begins to contract and you hear the thunderous sighs of pleasure start to emanate from God’s massive chest. God’s life crating balls contract upward, bouncing off of your now wet chin and as God roars his pleasure and his full balls contract upward over and over, you feel the creamy, slippery, milky juice of God shoot into and onto your entire body. Filling you and covering you completely. You remain knelling. Swallowing and humming. Licking and kissing until every warm, sweet, sticky ribbon of God’s love is in you. You hear God’s sighs of pleasure and his feel his warm breath as he looks lovingly down onto you and you know the love of his warm smile and loving embrace. You are filled with the love of God… knowing that your prayer and worship has pleased him. You can only wait to worship and serve him and please him again and again, and again, and… Bi/ scott_redleter


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