The Cocksucker, I am

I’ve been sucking cock behind my girlfriends back for nearly thirty years ever since some dirty old man caught me looking at his big cock and told me to get on my knees and suck him off. I couldn’t believe how much it turned me on to be used like some slut by an old man in public and he could see it and started calling me a filthy little cocksucking faggot.

I was so turned on I shot my load all over the floor without even playing with myself and I stayed hard he laughed and said I think you’re going to sucking lots and lots of cocks now your a cocksucker aren’t you? Oh god no I like girls. Well you love cock more don’t you? No. No you don’t want to suck my cock then? I’m not sure. Ok no more for you. Ugh can’t I carry on for a while. Not unless you ask me nicely. Ugh ok please let me carry on. If you want to suck my big cock tell me that you are a cocksucking little faggot that loves sucking dirty old men off in public. No I can’t im not gay. No but now you’ve suck cock your a cocksucker for life. Oh god I can’t believe how much i loved having your cock in my mouth your right I want to suck your cock please let me. Ok but if I let you suck my big cock I want your name and address ok? Ugh why? So you will be my cock slave anytime I need you or I will visit your parents and tell them that you have been sucking old men off in public toilets. No please don’t just let me suck your cock this time only. Oh no no deal I’m going home. Oh no please don’t leave. Well tell me your name and address and what you are. Oh ok my name is Steve and I live and I’m a filthy little faggot that love’s sucking cock.

Now that’s better open your mouth and do what you’re going to be doing for the rest of your life. Yes that’s it good boy suck that big cock oh yes you will be coming back here every day looking for cock won’t you cocksucker? I can’t understand why but It turns me on so much I think your right I won’t be able to resist coming here looking for men to suck. Yes that’s right now you’ve suck a real man’s cock your a cocksucker for life and you don’t even care that you are on your knees in a filthy public toilet sucking an old man’s dirty smelly old cock while being watched do you? Ugh what oh god no. Don’t stop it’s ok they can see your a cocksucker so carry on doing what you were born for I bet if you ask nicely they will let you suck their cocks as well. Oh god I’ve been caught sucking cock please don’t tell anyone. Oh if you want us to keep quiet you will have to suck all of us off as well. Oh god ok. I can see your going to busy here tonight sucking cock after cock like a dirty cocksucking faggot look at how much you love sucking my big cock you love it don’t you? Oh god yes it’s turning me on sucking you off in front of other men god I want more cock. That’s if good little cocksucker your going to make me cum oh god yes I’m cumming oh yes you like that don’t you look at him this is the first time he’s sucked cock and he’s swallowed all my cum and sucking me clean I think he wants more don’t you? Mmm yes please. I’m going home so enjoy yourself cocksucker I will be in touch. So there I was on my knees sucking old men off like some dirty little slut and I loved it I was now a cocksucker and I’ve sucked at least 500 cocks since then and I now want to fully submit to cock I want to be filmed sucking cock and have it posted online to expose me as the cocksucker I am. Steve P

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29 thoughts on “The Cocksucker, I am

  1. God and Jesus fucking each other up the ass, and both suck each other’s cock as well as swallowing too. Go figure that one out.

  2. God and Jesus both suck each other cock everyday of the year, and swallow too. Go figure.

  3. I love being a gay cocksucker for black men. I know now that it’s why I was created. To swallow as much of that juicy black cum cream as I can for the rest of my life

  4. I first sucked cock in high school, and have had the desire for cock since them. I can’t explain it, I usually drift around a well known spot for pick up and find men who are into the same thing. Last man I sucked I picked up at a Burger King after midnight, he is a night watchman.

  5. Faggot cocksucker in London uk. All I want is to deepthroat, choke and gag on a superior mans cock or for a group of guys, until I can take each of their hot loads in my mouth and swallow every drop, washed down with their piss too, while being told What a filthy worthless faggot that I am while I’m doing it.

  6. Im a cum eating cocksucker I need cock in my faggot toothless mouth all the time. Would swallow cum everyday if it was available

  7. Amo succhiare cazzi da quando avevo 15 anni… ora a 60 anni la voglia è la stessa… saluti dall’Italia

  8. Living in a rural area of North Georgia, I drive into Atlanta and spend the whole day in the basement of an adult novelty shop that has a maze of video booths with glory holes cut in the walls. I will suck cock all day and try to get as much cum as possible down my throat. t’s a compulsion that I can’t resist. I am most happy when I’ve got a big dick sliding all the way down my throat after beginning to shoot the load on my tongue so I can taste it. I love the way cum tastes

  9. I am a MWM (to a woman) cocksucker in San Francisco, and I’m looking for stiff clean hairy DDF married cock to suck off. Need your details and you host, please. Thanks guys!

  10. I think I love cock
    But I’m only still young!
    Sometimes I want to kill my self after I watch Gay Porn I hate it so much but I love it I want to be tired down a fucked but get so confused
    I don’t want to be gay…

  11. I love being on my knees with my mouth full of cock and anticipating the cum I’m going to swallow

  12. If it was left to me I would suck cock on a daily basis, I just love sucking and swallowing.

    1. I love a big cock in my mouth can’t wait till it explodes in my mouth I’ll suck till you cum three times

    2. I am 73,been sucking cocks since age 21. My former wife loved sucking cocks with me. Two of my younger female friends also are bisexual

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    3. Me too!!! I fight it so hard because I’m suppose to be a big tough guy that everyone thinks I am but secretly hitting my knees and getting punked by superior cock is what I love and cherish

  13. God knows how I need this! Unfortunately, it’s been more than a year now, since I sucked a cock for the last time.

  14. being gay i love sucking cum is so delicious. i dont even care if iam sucked. i lso love licking and rimming the guys arse yum

  15. Brother, will you consider keeping the Good and dismissing the bad? Will you consider that humiliation and degradation of and during beauty, worship, and adoration are to be left behind?

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