the smell of a cock

Last weekend I was having foreplay with this married guy when I noticed a distinct smell. It was the smell of a cock head in heat! The aroma wasn’t overpowering, but just enough to give me a hard-on. Not only did he have a smelly uncut cock but it was crooked. The rest of his body was clean and fresh, but his uncut cock in heat sent off this sexy, smelly, manhood scent that it was ready to be eaten and of course, I was happy to oblige. I love uncut cocks with a mild smell (nothing overpowering); it really gets me wet!! Roy


the smell of man, is just something that gets your endorphins racing. Your face buried in my balls, you are so debaucherous, and yet so good. Sometimes, I get in that mood, to where I need you to serve, and the only thing that is important, is my cock’s happiness. I am here, only to make my cock happy. My balls are full, and you must take care of that need. Smell it, Cocksucker-666


i always dreamed of shaggin a really sweaty man with a really intense smell of sweat then hed make me lick it up from all under his pits then hed push me down to his sweaty cock and suck him till he came then just ass i thought it was over hed push ma face ino his hairy sweaty ass n make him rimm him. Mike

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