fucking this straight guy

Hello Mr Cox, I’m a gay man and I’ve been fucking this straight guy for about a year. He doesn’t want to kiss, hug or get emotional.

He just likes his ass played with….and then likes the idea of someone older (he’s in his 20’s and I’m in my 40’s) taking control and sliding a dick up his ass. He had done lots of fingering so acutally entering him the first time took some time and patience (which I have lots). He was so proud of himself the first time he could take me all the way in….and then even more proud when he was able to let me get off while fucking him and him shoot while my dick was in him. He says a past girlfriend played with his amazing ass once and that started everything. His present girlfriend rims him (which he enjoy me doing before I fuck him). I am happy to him give him a pleasure that many straight men would like to have but are afraid to ask because of all the other gay stuff they may be forced to do. I have no problem of focusing of pleasuring his ass only. I also enjoy teaching him how it pleasures me. usaontop