Viagra Condom

Yet another option for men who have trouble maintaining erections is a product dubbed the “Viagra condom. A British biotech company has created the new condom, currently known as CSD50 0, that is coated on the inside with a vasodilator gel that increases blood flow and results in a stronger, longer-lasting erection. The product is nearing final regulatory approval, and condom company Durex announced its aim to unroll the condoms in Europe by the end of the year. Some men use tiger balm for similar effect as the gel. In a recent interview with CBS News in the US, Dr. Irwin Goldstein, a sexual medicine expert in San Diego and editor-in-chief of the Journal of Sexual Medicine, said that erection-enhancing condoms are an “interesting” and “novel” idea. But, he said, they “will have to be proven to be safe and effective compared to oral PDE 5 inhibitors,” a reference to Viagra and similar medications for erectile dysfunction. And, Goldstein said, it would be important to make sure that “the drug does not pass from the condom to the woman.”