Mutual tug session my place – m4m

Mutual tug session my place – m4m (Southwest). Just want to strip down and watch and be watched jerk some hard dicks. I host, serious, clean and DDF. Come over grab a beer lose the pants and stroke Oral possible with right guy but nothing more, don’t bother asking. Prefer guys under 32 and in … Read moreMutual tug session my place – m4m

Straight Man’s Drunken Homosexual Experience?

I consider myself a completely straight male but I must admit I have had a total of 3 homosexual encounters, all with the same guy (another straight friend) and within the span of a week.

The first time I was really really drunk and ended up crashing at his place and I thought “I’m horny, why the hell not?” and made the first move. The second time I don’t think involved any substances, and the third time I was f’ed up on something I can’t recall too clearly. And before anyone can say that illicit substances can lead to bad decision-making, I want to mention I’ve since cleaned up my act quite a bit. I’m not trying to make excuses or anything but I think it’s noteworthy that I was extremely sexually frustrated at the time, recently having ended things with a friends with benefits. Also, I knew this friend found me attractive and I suppose that was a turn on to some degree.

But for most of the experience I found myself pretending that my friend was a woman and his stubble was really off-putting at points. The whole time it didn’t feel like I was having sex, but kind of masturbating by the means of an another person, if that makes any sense. It didn’t feel “right” I guess.

rosy man cheeks

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O, starry night of good omen,
When drunkard mounted drunkard,
We whiled away the time in worship to the Devil,
With fervent faith,
Until the monks rang death’s bell and dawn,
And the young lad took off, dragging his delightful robe
Touched by my impure desire.

“Woe is me,” he said through his tears,
“You have torn away the dignity I had long treasured.”
“A lion saw a gazelle and lunged at it,” said I,
“Such are the vagaries of fate.”

Ya Sahir al-Tarf; after Kennedy, p. 67 by Abū Nuwās al-Ḥasan ibn Hānī al-Ḥakamī (756–814),aka Abū Nuwās (Arabic: ابو نواس‎; Persian: ابو نواس‎‎, Abū Novās), was one of the greatest classical gay Arabic poets, who also composed in Persian on occasion.

marijuana enhanced masturbation

In the 2003 study “Cannabis Effects and Dependency Concerns in Long-Term Frequent Users,” 54 percent of the 104 “experienced” marijuana users surveyed said smoking weed had the effect of sexual stimulation. Another Canadian study, from 2008, “Understanding the Motivations for Recreational Marijuana Use Among Adult Canadians,” nearly half of the 41 adult participants said that marijuana … Read moremarijuana enhanced masturbation

Drunk Str8 Men

A very intriguing study has proved that, “Drunk Str8 Men are an enigma”, always curious, but not in any way bisexual. They will never suck on the first date. Butt they will experience , why some men will absoultely love their big cock. A very intriguing study has proved that str8 men can be just … Read moreDrunk Str8 Men

Vision bi/ Rumi

Drunks who want to stay drunk drink with other seasoned debauchees; mystics who want to keep their hearts fiery and their minds absorbed should see that they associate as much as possible with other lovers. Better to be alone than with the rational and sober; their minds are winter, and shrivel the mystic’s exuberance. Do not hate the sober; pray that one day love may seize and make them human, but protect yourself as resourcefully as you can from them. I have sometimes found them surprisingly vicious, these sober-seeming, calmly smiling rationalists who think they can explain everything and yet are jealous of the Lover’s splendor.


How confining the sober are to those who have known the Vision of Wine! How dead their reasoning seem to be to those who drown repeatedly in their heart-blood! How ugly rings the metallic music of their certainties! How brutal are their meticulous yet entirely illusory and self-satisfying formulas! God is Beauty, and nothing about them is beautiful; God is Splendor, and nothing about them is splendid; God is Magnanimous, and nothing about them is magnanimous; God is Fire and nothing about them is incandescent, They believe they rule the world, unaware that what they rule is a heap of ash that one breath of the Beloved could disperse forever. When they anger you, or threaten to drive you to despair, imagine their faces when at the Resurrection they see the mountains turn into smoke and the heavens peel away like paper!

Avoid them – politely, compassionately, serenely – but avoid them.