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I’m an old cocksucker who’s sucked well over 20,000 cocks in my long cocksucking life. I’ve been sucking cocks for well over 50 years and I still suck at least one cock each day, sometimes as many as 12 men a good day. Several thousand of those cocks I sucked off on camera for the … Read moreold cocksucker has sucked well over 20,000 cocks


Tantra has a great lesson for cock suckers. It’s called Tantric Mouth Congress. When, holding the man’s lingam with his hand, and placing it between his lips, he moves about his mouth, it is called the ‘nominal congress’. When, covering the end of the lingam with his fingers collected together like the bud of a … Read moreCHAPTER IX OF THE AUPARISHTAKA

Cocksuckers United

Look directly into his eyes. Gradually move your eyes down his body. When you arrive at his cock kneel down and get yourself right beside it. Look directly at his beauty. Tell him how much you want to gently kiss his cock. Rub the tops of his legs very firmly as you breathe gently on his cock. Stick your tongue out and beg. Please is a good word. Lick gently all over his manhood. Keep rubbing the energy at the tops of his legs. Let your hands dance. Come on push that fucking energy all over his body. Suddenly plunge your mouth on his cock. Tighten your lips, DO NOT USE YOUR TEETH! Now take your mouth, his cock and all the energy that goes with that combination on a journey. On an adventure. Don’t be boring. The object is not to take too much cock in your mouth, the object is to pleasure your mouth. Always cover your teeth with your lips. Keep telling yourself how wonderful you feel with that magnificent cock in your mouth.

 I see cocksucking as truly a form of ultimate WORSHIP — not only of the Godhead cock, but the balls as well. The ultimate is the holy seed which should never be blasphemed by allowing a single drop to escape being ingested by the worshipper — and on NO OCCASION should any of it be allowed to hit the flor/street/alley or even the bed. OU were chosen to receive this precious gift and it should be treated with the utmost respect — no matter how “trashy” or elegant the circumstance of the offering. Paul James

In addition to sucking his cock, I take big long laps at his balls with my wet tongue and juggle them in my mouth too. When sucking his head, I tease his slit with my tongue – tickling and flicking at it and trying to insert my tongue in his slit. Anthony

I relish it…start out slow and worship every inch. It’s not just a pleasure to suck dick…it’s a privilege! I think that every time I’m between a guy’s legs: it’s SUCH an emotional sacrifice for a guy to submit his cock. I honour his commitment edwards_the_confessor

“I treat a dick like god: the Supreme Good. The man who’s offering his cock is my Brother; we are bonded in nature’s dance, he gifting, me receiving. There is no imbalance, no power, simply Truth: his cock is His Cock, The Cock, The Way and The Light and The Truth. To have GodCock in my mouth is to know peace and love; to seek His pleasure is my privilege. I am a servant of The Most High. Cock is my purpose. I cannot imagine a higher calling”. C. Evanston size9

During our session from time to time I remove his cock from my mouth and rub the tip of his cock all over my face. It drives him crazy and almost always gets him to cum. Patric

Every woman ( or guy ) should think of sucking a cock as an art form instead of as foreplay. Pay close attention to his movements and sounds let those things dictate what you do. Don’t just make him cum, make him beg to release his load into your mouth. And always let a little semen run down your chin, I guess it is a power thing for him to know, that he can give you more then you can handle. laura4u

Tantric Brojobs

When you catch god’s cock

in your hand and, shaping

your lips to an ‘O’, lays them lightly to its tip,

moving your head in tiny circles,

this first step is called “Nimitta” (Touching).

great thick fat cocks outdoors 2Next, grasping god’s head in your hand,

you clamp your lips tightly about the shaft,

first on one side then the other,

taking great care that your teeth don’t hurt god:

this is “Parshvatoddashta” (Fluttering at the Sides).


Now you takes the head of god

gently between your lips,

by turns pressing, kissing it tenderly

and pulling at its soft skin:

this is “Bahiha-samdansha” (the Outer Pincers).


If next you allow god to slide

completely into your mouth

and press god firmly between your lips,

holding a moment before pulling away,

it is “Antaha-samdansha” (the Inner Pincers).

cocksucker authentic 2 5
When, taking god in your hand

and making your lips very round,

you press fierce kisses along its whole length,

sucking as you would at your lower lip,

it is called “Chumbitaka” (Kissing).

authentic cocksuckers 67If, while kissing, you let your tongue

flick all over god

and then, pointing it, strikes repeatedly

at the sensitive glans-tip,

it becomes “Parimrshtaka” (Striking at the Tip).

And now, fired by passion, you takes

God deep into your mouth,

pulling upon it and sucking as vigorously

as though you were sucking clean a mango-stone:

this is “Amrachushita” (Sucking a Mango).

gif-tantric-mouthWhen you sense that his orgasm

is imminent you swallow up the whole penis,

sucking and working upon it

with lips and tongue until you spend:

this is “Sangara” (Swallowed Whole)

If the pair of you lie side by side,

facing opposite ways,

and kiss each other’s secret parts

using the fifteen techniques described above,

it is known as “Kakila” (The Crow),

cock sucking vintage

shaft licking and ball humming

What a great site! I love to suck cock and guess what. I am totally straight! I have no attraction to men or gay porn and I don’t really care to be sucked by a guy. I am married to an absolutely beautiful woman whom I love to fuck and eat ………but……I still love to … Read moreshaft licking and ball humming

3 questions for experienced cocksuckers

I’m a very happily married male with a sudden passion to feel the sensation of a another mans hard cock fucking my mouth. I usually masturbate with a banana in my mouth and can take 9 inches without gagging. I have sat upside down with legs above my head and shot my load on and … Read more3 questions for experienced cocksuckers

Cocksucking Ray

The muscles of my mouth are as important as the cock being sucked Applying my tongue all over the hard shaft as much as possible all while manipulating cock with my tongue as much as long a duration as I can… Sucking slowly, slowly… increasing rhythm faster and faster… for as long as tolerated without … Read moreCocksucking Ray

The Cocksucker, I am

I’ve been sucking cock behind my girlfriends back for nearly thirty years ever since some dirty old man caught me looking at his big cock and told me to get on my knees and suck him off. I couldn’t believe how much it turned me on to be used like some slut by an old man in public and he could see it and started calling me a filthy little cocksucking faggot.

I was so turned on I shot my load all over the floor without even playing with myself and I stayed hard he laughed and said I think you’re going to sucking lots and lots of cocks now your a cocksucker aren’t you? Oh god no I like girls. Well you love cock more don’t you? No. No you don’t want to suck my cock then? I’m not sure. Ok no more for you. Ugh can’t I carry on for a while. Not unless you ask me nicely. Ugh ok please let me carry on. If you want to suck my big cock tell me that you are a cocksucking little faggot that loves sucking dirty old men off in public. No I can’t im not gay. No but now you’ve suck cock your a cocksucker for life. Oh god I can’t believe how much i loved having your cock in my mouth your right I want to suck your cock please let me. Ok but if I let you suck my big cock I want your name and address ok? Ugh why? So you will be my cock slave anytime I need you or I will visit your parents and tell them that you have been sucking old men off in public toilets. No please don’t just let me suck your cock this time only. Oh no no deal I’m going home. Oh no please don’t leave. Well tell me your name and address and what you are. Oh ok my name is Steve and I live and I’m a filthy little faggot that love’s sucking cock.

Now that’s better open your mouth and do what you’re going to be doing for the rest of your life. Yes that’s it good boy suck that big cock oh yes you will be coming back here every day looking for cock won’t you cocksucker? I can’t understand why but It turns me on so much I think your right I won’t be able to resist coming here looking for men to suck. Yes that’s right now you’ve suck a real man’s cock your a cocksucker for life and you don’t even care that you are on your knees in a filthy public toilet sucking an old man’s dirty smelly old cock while being watched do you? Ugh what oh god no. Don’t stop it’s ok they can see your a cocksucker so carry on doing what you were born for I bet if you ask nicely they will let you suck their cocks as well. Oh god I’ve been caught sucking cock please don’t tell anyone. Oh if you want us to keep quiet you will have to suck all of us off as well. Oh god ok. I can see your going to busy here tonight sucking cock after cock like a dirty cocksucking faggot look at how much you love sucking my big cock you love it don’t you? Oh god yes it’s turning me on sucking you off in front of other men god I want more cock. That’s if good little cocksucker your going to make me cum oh god yes I’m cumming oh yes you like that don’t you look at him this is the first time he’s sucked cock and he’s swallowed all my cum and sucking me clean I think he wants more don’t you? Mmm yes please. I’m going home so enjoy yourself cocksucker I will be in touch. So there I was on my knees sucking old men off like some dirty little slut and I loved it I was now a cocksucker and I’ve sucked at least 500 cocks since then and I now want to fully submit to cock I want to be filmed sucking cock and have it posted online to expose me as the cocksucker I am. Steve P

4 Faggot Cocksuckers

I like having my 8″ cock sucked by a faggot cocksucker. By that I mean a cocksucker who’ll suck me the way I wanna be sucked. What way is that? Well, I like him to get right down on his knees in front of me. Him doing that gets me horny. I like to see him eager to suck.

faggot cocksucker

Some faggot cocksuckers are so eager to suck they’ll start sniffing the fly of my jeans just to get the scent of cock in their noses! Saying that, some guys like to have a good long sniff at the front of my underpants. Them doing that makes me grin! Some guys start shaking with excitement when I pull out my cock and let them see it. My cock needs a regular sucking to keep it clean and I like to watch and feel the man sucking it clean. Before I let a guy suck my cock, I pulled my foreskin right back. Then I ease my cock into the sucker’s mouth. These guys never seem to check my cock out first. They just wanna suck it, whatever it’s like – mad! Sometimes I’ve had a hectic wank the night before but deliberately haven’t washed my cock before a meet. It just gives me an extra buzz to see whether the sucker will take my cock and, if he does, what his reaction will be. Some guys actually like a cock with ‘flavour.’ If it’s too strong, some guys spit out – but still keep sucking!

That’s the thing with cocksuckers, they love sucking. Usually I stand while they’re doing it, with my hands resting on my hips, with them down on their knees sucking my horny cock like mad. I like to be given a long sucking.

faggot cocksuckers

Being sucked off isn’t like a wank. A wank is quick and vigorous. Whereas a sucking is gentle and slow. I like the fact that the faggot cocksuckers is like my slave. And I’m like his master. He’s there to please me – do what I want – suck my horny smelly cock.

horny faggot cocksuckers

I like to feel him sucking it. I like to feel his tongue licking over it. I like looking down at him immediately after I’ve pushed my cock in his mouth and watch his reaction as he starts to suck it clean.’ But he’s so desperate to get a cock in his mouth and suck that he’ll do anything for the privilage. Poor sod! As he sucks my cock, I get more and more tossy. That’s the thing about cocksucking – the cocksucker knows that the more he sucks the spunkier the guy’s going to get – yet he keeps sucking! I always urge my suckers on. I tell them to keep sucking like: ‘Cum on your fucking sucker! Give me a tossing, you tantrick bastard!’ They like to glance up at you. They love to watch you getting hornier and hornier. When you feel you’re gonna cum well, that the best feeling of all – apart from actually cumming, of course. I like to hold back for as long as possible. Knowing that I’m about to give the faggot a huge mouthful is so horny. To make sure he takes it, I hold the back of his head steady with both my hands. The first jet of spunk is the biggest and the longest. That’s when the cocksucker really gets fucked. I don’t know how they manage to take it – but they always do. I always shoot a massive load out. I guess it’s the stimulation they’ve given me. When I spunk, I deliberately shoot out as much as I can. I want to fill their mouth up. I guess I regard them as filthy bastards who deserve a mouthful of thick sticky spunk. Most cocksuckers gulp it down immediately. I get a kick out of knowing that they’re having to taste my spunk. Saying that, quite a few cocksuckers like to keep as much of my spunk in their mouths rather than swallowing it straightaway. Some of them open their mouths and show me – a foamy mixture of saliva and spunk. And they actually like to spend time tasting it before eventually swallowing it. But going back to the question: how do you like your cock sucked?

I like the real faggots the best – who, before sucking my cock, will thoroughly lick round my balls and groin and (dare I say it?) give my anus a really good licking including pushing their tongues right up my arse – some will even suck at it! After that treat, my cock definitely needs sucking off! Carl

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fucking beautiful

I am a straight big cock man, 9 inches, who loves to suck cock bigger than mine. I don’t get it too often. I am a big dick cocksucker. The first time I had a man suck my cock I was a young man about 24; he was about 55. He kept telling me to relax. I aked him if I had a big dick. He kept telling me it was nice. I wanted more from this man.

He sucked me good. After he sucked me for about 15 minutes I came for him in his mouth. He cleaned me up real good. When he first came in on me he asked me, “can I suck your dick”. I told him, “I always wanted someone to do that to me”. I asked him if I was as big as the other men. He just kept telling me it was nice. He sucked me good but I wanted him to suck me more aggreessively, deeper, and with passion. For my first time I give him a B+ for sucking my cock. I have had many men suck my cock since then.

Most get a C at best. Only a few get As. I keep looking for A cocksuckers. I am told that I am the best and one of the best and I have one of the biggest cocks around. Once I had a 5 inch dick in my ass from a hot young stud. He told me I had the best and tightest ass out of all the ten asses he had fucked before.

So I am a big cock stud with a tight fucking hole who sucks the best horse cock in the world. What more can I say than I wish a stud was here for me now. Pussy is good but big horse cock is where it is at! big_cock_provider


Older Vacuum Pumper

Years ago I met an older vacuum pumper who had 8″ around. Though I couldn’t take it all the way down into my neck, he did come back three more times (drove 40 mins each way)… he told me that the texture in my mouth and the way I handled his meat was just a knockout. I’ve always known I was good, but when someone says something like that I just blow it off… but when someone shows me by traveling such distances when all they have to do is walk to the front door and see the lineup of cocksuckers out there; that they’d rather come to me all the way out where I’s at — that’s a compliment.


My suggestions? Well, stretch your lips around your husband’s knob and just get used to it… don’t try to impress him or do anything fancy. AND DON’T HURT YOURSELF! You wont do either of you any good by forcing yourself into pain or the like. Use your hand to slip up and down his shaft in light strokes… wet with spit. Moan from deep in your chest to reverberate through his mammoth cock and into his balls. (oh gawd, dont forget his balls, use your other hand to cup and grip and tug). joesbridge@yahoo.ca


cocksucking str8 men!

Use lots of lubricant. Honey is amazing. Smear to heaped spoonful all over his cock and balls. If he is not totally erect do more licking than sucking. When sucking occasional run your finger around the base of his cock in circular motions.

Gently massage his ballsTry putting both his balls in your mouth while his cock dangles in your face. Lick the balls when they are in your mouth. Use your hands on his cock as well. Use your tongue while his cock is in your mouth. Change frequently between licking and sucking. Use lots of sexy talk as you hold his cock about one inch from your mouth. Tell him how much you like sucking his cock. Rub the area behind his balls (his perineum), scratching very gently between his balls and manhole. For a short time lick his balls and the inside of his thighs but stay away from actually touching his cock.

Put some ice in your mouth and continue sucking. Always remember the technique is to simulate the way he wanks, your lips need to become his hand. Your lips need to suck as he would wank. If he wanks watch think, his hand is your mouth. Pay attention to the rhythm he uses. Does he work the tip or the entire shaft, or both, and in what proportion? Which side of the penis does he favour? Simulate that action as best you can with your mouth.

Please leave your cocksucking tips for str8 cocksuckers below.