As you get older, are you getting bored with your sex life?

Have you an amazing sexual energy, and as you get older not really sure how to channel it. Thinking of making some changes? Are you good with men? Have you got an amazing touch? Do you love masculinity? Come and learn how to give an authentic and professional tantric male massage using easy to learn techniques … Read moreAs you get older, are you getting bored with your sex life?

Men Only Tantric Massage Training

For me Tantric Male Massage is an art. We need to practice our art and the best way to practice is to get paid. This hands-on practical workshop will be encouraged to develop your own erotic energy ritual, your own magickal tantric male massage. This one day workshop will guide you to success. Become A … Read moreMen Only Tantric Massage Training

I love my cock massaged.

I love my cock massaged. Slowly but firmly with oils. Not only on the cock itself but including its entire root down and under the perineum. Gentle circular massage of the ball sac. Long, firm, positive, sensuous pumping of the shaft from base to cock head. Sensuous retraction and replacement of the foreskin. Circular massage … Read moreI love my cock massaged.

Penis Classes in Wigan

Loved reading about your penis classes, just moved to Wigan, don’t know where your classes are or when. I don’t have money at the moment but love to join your classes please get back to me, kind regards J.B. Hello J.B. The classes take place in London. They are all listed in my meetup group … Read morePenis Classes in Wigan

a cock massage ???

Let your heart and spirit speak through your hands. There’s a tendency when people have done a cock massage “course” of some kind for the actions to be mechanical and by rote. By all means use all the techniques it’s possible to learn, but remember that manhood massage is about connection and emotional release, not … Read morea cock massage ???

Making love to my penis

I love my cock massaged with different intensities, light gentle touching in different ways building up to full on enjoyment. Edging is also amazing. Making love to my penis is far more important then ejaculating. From An Almighty Members Profile Brotherhood of Pleasure London  


If I told you that some-one here in the UK is going to organise a Lingam Massage Championship, you would probably think, that I was making that up, as I go along…

I am…In association with the Brotherhood of Pleasure London, Mr Cox is proud to present an evening of excellence. The LINGAM MASSAGE CHAMPIONSHIPS were established to promote excellence in tantric lingam male massage. This is intended as a fun event to celebrate our lingam massage excellence! You are welcome to attend with a preferred recipient if you wish. You are also welcome to attend solo and choose who to work with as usual. The 2016 Championship will take place in Central Manchester on Saturday, November 26, 2016.

If you are interested in connecting with other men, sharing in their experiences and acquiring new lingam male massage techniques along the way then we would be delighted to invite you to join us. The “Brotherhood” is strictly men only. Every man is welcome as I see each as a guide from beyond. Indulge yourself in amazing artistic techniques to allow you to experience states of expanded erotic pleasure. Discovered a new world of totally amazing pleasure. Join us in our brotherhood of pleasure. Come and share your wisdom with other men. Learn in a relaxed loving space. All masseurs are welcome from professionals to beginners.For more info, click here


Saturday, Nov 26, 2016, 2:30 PM

12 Brothers Went

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