Desire God?

Someone said: “A man came who wanted to see you. He kept saying, ‘I wish I could have seen the Master.”

He does not see the Master at this moment because in truth the desire that filled him, namely to see the Master, was a veil hiding the Master. So it is with all desires and affections, all loves and fondnesses that people have for every variety of thing – father, mother, heaven, earth, gardens, palaces, knowledge, things to eat and drink. The lover of God realizes all these desires are truly the desire for God, and they are all veils covering humanity’s eyes. When we pass into the next world and behold Reality without these veils, then we realize all those were veils and coverings, and that our true quest in reality is for one thing.

All difficulties are then resolved, we hear in our hearts the answer to all questions, and everything is seen clearly face to face.

It is not God’s way to answer every problem separately, but with one answer all questions are satisfied. All at once the total struggle is resolved. In the same way, in winter everyone puts on warm clothes and a leather jacket, and then creeps for shelter from the cold. So too all plants, trees, and shrubs, bitten by the cold, remain without leaves and fruit, storing and hiding their goods and nourishment inwardly so that the grasp of winter will not reach them. When spring, in a single epiphany, answers their requests, then all their various problems, whether human, animal or plant, are resolved, and those secondary symptoms disappear. Then all put forth their heads, and realize the cause of their misery.

God has created these veils for a good purpose. For if God’s beauty were displayed without a veil, we would not have the power to endure it. Through the intermediary of these veils we derive life and enjoyment.

Look at the sun. Through its light we can distinguish good from bad, and find warmth. Trees and orchards become fruitful from its heat, and their fruits – unripe, sour and bitter, become mature and sweet. Through its influence, mines of gold and silver, rubies and carnelians are produced. But if the sun were to come nearer it would bring no benefit whatsoever. On the contrary, the whole world and every creature would be burned up and destroyed.

When God reveals Itself through a veil to the mountain, those slopes become fully arrayed in trees and flowers and verdure. However, when God brings revelation without a veil, It destroys the mountain and breaks it into atoms. Someone asked: “Well, isn’t this the same sun in the winter?”

Rumi answered: Our purpose here was to draw a comparison. It is not a matter of atoms, or Adam. Similarity is one thing, comparison is another. Although our mind cannot comprehend that reality, yet how can mind abandon the effort? If our reason gave up the struggle, it would no longer be reason. Reason is that thing that perpetually, night and day, is restless while thinking and struggling, striving to comprehend, even though God is unknowable and incomprehensible.

Reason is like a moth, and the Beloved is like a candle. Whenever the moth dashes itself against the candle, it is consumed and destroyed, but the moth is this way by nature. No matter how much that consuming flame and agony may hurt, the moth cannot fly from the candle. If there were another creature like the moth that could not fly away from the light of the candle, and dashed itself against that light, that would not be a mere comparison, that would be a moth itself. But if the moth dashed itself against the light of the candle and the moth were not consumed, that indeed could not be a candle. Therefore, the human being who can do without God, lacking even the desire, that is no human being at all.

But if they are able to comprehend God, that indeed could not be God. So, the true lover is never free from striving, they revolve restlessly and ceaselessly around the light of God. And God consumes them, making them nothing, destroying the veil of their reason.

The lover of God realises all these desires are truly the desire for God, and they are all veils covering humanity’s

Thank God for making you special

 Being gay is a blessing. God has created many of us as gay, and all that God creates is beautiful. I would suggest you first come to accept that within yourself. Give yourself time. I would suggest that honesty really is best.

Thank God for making you special. Never be ashamed of yourself, for you are beautifully made. Unfortunately some people have decided that since gay people are different, what they do is wrong. Hardly. God knows what he is doing better than people. Learn to celebrate and embrace who you really are. I hope you find support–maybe call a local gay support center that can give you some guidance, or a trusted friend.

Everything will be alright. Trust that God in his wisdom knew what he was doing when he created us beautiful gay people. I hope all the best for you. John

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Cock in the Bible


The Bible also has many allusions to the phallic cult. The oath from the time of the Patriarch Abraham was taken by the Jews by placing their hand beneath the thigh, that is, on the sacred member. But then every religion has a phallic origin.

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phallus worship

Lingam worship is common in Africa and Asia.  Secret Buddhism is sexual. Sexual Magic is taught practically in Zen Buddhism.  Buddha taught Sexual Magic in secrecy.  Many phallic divinities exist. Shiva, Agni, and Shakti in India are phallic divinities. 


Legba in Africa, Venus, Bacchus, Priapus, and Dionysus in Greece and Rome were phallic divinities. 

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The Jews had phallic Gods and sacred forests consecrated to the sexual cult. Sometimes the priests of these phallic cults allowed themselves to fall miserably and descended to wild bacchanalian orgies.  Herodotus quotes the following: “All the women of Babylon had to prostitute themselves with the priests of the temple of Milita.”

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Meanwhile, in Greece and Rome, in the temples of Vesta, Venus, Aphrodite, Isis etc., the priestesses exercised their holy sexual priesthood.  In Cappadocia, Antioch, Pamplos, Cyprus, and Bylos, with infinite veneration and mystic exaltation, the priestesses celebrated great processions carrying a great phallus, as God or the generative body of life and of the seed. 

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The Feast of the Tabernacles was an orgy similar to the famous Saturnalia of the Romans.  The rite of circumcision is totally phallic. 

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The history of all religions is filled with symbols and phallic amulets, such as the Hebrew Mitzvah, the Maypole of the Christians, etc.  In ancient times, sacred stones with a phallic form were profoundly venerated. Some of those stones resembled the virile member and others the vulva. Flint stones and silica were taken as sacred stones, because fire was produced with them, fire which esoterically was developed as a divine privilege in the spinal column of the Pagan priests. 

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In Christianity we find a great deal of phallicism. The circumcision of Jesus, the feast of the three wise men (Epiphany), the Corpus Christi, etc., are phallic festivals inherited from the holy Pagan religions. 

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The dove, symbol of the Holy Spirit and of the voluptuous Venus Aphrodite, is always represented as the phallic instrument used by the Holy Spirit to impregnate the Virgin Mary.  The very word “sacrosanct” is derived from sacral., and therefore its origin is phallic. 

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The phallic cult is terribly divine. The phallic cult is scientifically transcendental and profoundly philosophical. The era of Aquarius is at hand, and in it the laboratories will discover the energetic and mystical principles of the phallus and uterus. 

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The sexual glands are governed by Uranus, and enclose tremendous forces that the laboratory science will discover in the new era.  The scientific value of the ancient phallic cults will then be publicly recognized. 


The entire potential of universal life exists within the seed.  The materialist science of this day an age does not know anything but to criticize sardonically that which it does not know. 

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In the rocky paved courtyards of the Aztec temples, men and women used to sexually unite to awaken the Kundalini. The couples remained in the temples for months and years, loving and caressing each other, practicing Sexual Magic without the spilling of the semen. However, those who reached the ejaculation of the semen were condemned to death.  Their heads were cut off with an axe.  Thus, this is how they paid their sacrilege. 

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In the Eleusinian Mysteries, naked dances and Sexual Magic were the very foundation of the mysteries.  Phallicism is the foundation of profound Realization of the Self. 

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All the principal tools of Masonry serve in order to work with the stone. Every Master Mason must chisel his Philosophical Stone well. This stone is the sex.  We must build the temple of the Eternal One upon the living stone

From The Perfect Matrimony, a book by Samael AunWeor Sacred Phallicism

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Christ of homosexuals

For starters, sort out your feelings and desires and decide which is true. I doubt you are gay, at all, if you posted your true feelings. I don’t understand why you think you are gay. You have a girlfriend with whom you can’t connect, but you say this is due to your religion, not your sexual … Read moreChrist of homosexuals