30-Day Ejaculation Challenge


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The science is clear. The more you ejaculate when you are young the less likely you are to suffer from prostate cancer when you are old. Take the 30-Day Ejaculation Challenge. Have a good wank 2 ejaculation daily making each ejaculation … Continue reading

ejaculate 21 times a month


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An orgasm a day can lower a man’s risk of prostate cancer by 20%, Men who ejaculate more frequently lower their risk of the disease. Those who ejaculate 21 times a month or more cut their risk by 22%. This was compared to … Continue reading



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A man will ejaculate on average of 7,200 times during his lifetime. The average number of times he will ejaculate from masturbation is 2,000. The average speed of ejaculation is 28 miles per hour. The signal to ejaculate does not … Continue reading

Tiger Balm


Hi Seb, I’m sure like a lot of guys I use different cock rings for various reasons. But it is important to get the fit right. Too tight and I find it stops me getting a good erection and good ejaculation. When I’m out, naked, lying in the sun or for all day wear – when I want to feel that tightness around my balls, metal is best.  Slightly more comfortable – or if you’re going through a security screen – rubber works well.  When I fancy a quick wank and am already stiff, so can’t get on anything solid, I snap on a leather strap.  Following on from that and especially if I’m having a long edging session I like to use a leather or cord thong to separate my balls – it is also easy to loosen or tighten depending on your mood. This is also my preference when I’ve been using my pump, my balls are hanging low and need a bit of restraining. This last also produces the greatest amount of cum and best ejaculation. Lube is important too, and when using the pump I liberally smear my balls and cock with Tiger Balm.  The menthol/camphor in it give a great cooling/burning sensation. Otherwise Elemis instant refreshing gel has similar ingredients and gives similar results, but is  more water soluble and not so messy if I’m just having a wank.  Also gives great results on your nipples. Hope this helps you, and thanks for your pages which I’ve found inspiring and have often started me off on a long wank session. Keep strokin’ strokerbo2001


Qi-Gung Edging

Edging is the sport of the gods. I sometimes spend hours, bringing my self really close, then relaxing and taking the most deepest breaths of my life. I let my cock return to a flaccid state while tickling my rosebud. I repeat the ritual at least 81 times. Edging : Bring yourself close and then start all over again, Edging yourself to joy, Edging yourself to pleasure, Edging yourself to a greater ejaculation Tell us about your experience with edging. Please leave your reply below