some manly scents

I am one who doesn’t like cologne or deodorant on a man. I think men are at their sexiest when they have had some time to develop some manly scents in their pits(which I love to lick), and yes, even their crotch scents can really turn me on. I didn’t discover the pleasure of sniffing and licking a hot man’s armpit until I was in my late 30s.

I try to dig my tongue in to any armpit that I can. The only thing I hate about having an armpit fetish is being really turned on by a man and dig my tongue into his pit to find it has had deodorant applied, fresh man sweat smells and tastes amazingly good, while deodorant doesn’t smell or taste good, at all.

Please do us pit lovers a favor and stop using cologne and deodorant. Practising good hygiene will allow you to not stink and just may turn your partner on. I’VE NEVER been turned off by a man’s natural scent. Also, don’t shave your pit hair, it’s sexy!

a man’s body odor can lower anxiety and decrease stress.

One thought on “some manly scents

  1. I love to sniff armpits and of course a good lick. Nothing nicer than a room filled with manly sweat and cock smell.

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