skin tight wranglers

Cowboy here who loves to go to rodeos wearing my skin tight wranglers with a raging hard-on so everyone can see. My shrink-to fit 501’s are even nastier. Love it when those married guys follow me behind the arena-especially when they’re packin’like me. Wranglerbuster


a wanker in your wranglers

2 thoughts on “skin tight wranglers

  1. How about roping and hogtying and gagging me tightly and blindfolded tightly with a new ropes while you’re wearing rigid denim jeans and a matching jacket with a folded bandanna in your rear Jean pocket , ineed it bad, and I’m a naughty cowpokr,

  2. My fettish is those tight faded jeans like Kevin of Coronation street used to wear I like a good biG ass and package in them no underpants underneath short cropped hair.

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