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  1. I’m not fond of tattoos. Such permanent decisions about the appearance of one’s body should not be entered into lightly. Across time I’ve noticed that many subjects of the tattooer’s art become disenchanted with their tattoos. Once a tattoo is applied, the tattooed person should consider his decision permanent. If you’re the least bit unsure about the wisdom of your decision to tattoo, try having temporary tattoos applied and to live with them for a while before making them permanent. My tattoo opinion stems from my daughter wanting a small spider tattoo to be located on her upper right breast. She was 15 and needed my permission before being tattooed. I suggested to her that if she would wait until she was 18, that I’d give her the spider for a birthday present with my blessing. When her 18th birthday was approaching, I indicated my willingness to honor my promise. She had recently become engaged. I got the largest and tightest hug we’d shared in years. It seems that her fiance was death on tattoos, and would never have begun to go out with her, if she’d gotten that tattoo at 15. Every once in a while a dad gets a break. I’ll be forever grateful for mine that day… RobtheElder

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