Sacred Male Intimacy

“just to be so intimate with another man that is so much more than mechanical sex! Intimacy which happens in the brain and the mind as well as the body, so that when I enter it really feels like union rather than, as i say, just mechanical sex…….sounds woosy i know but its not as the elevation to a higher plain would be so much more satisfying” Amit

manly love inked

Sacred Intimacy is something that  existed in ancient cultures. Approximately 10% of the Sacred Intimates were men. They lived in temples and were highly respected. People came to the temple to be enlightened and to experience the joys of life. Some people just wanted to be simply touched. Others wanted to talk about personal sexual problems and the Sacred Intimate would listen and facilitate. Other people came to make love. Intimacy with him was considered to be a sacred, enlightening, and erotic experience. It’s very simple really. Good sex is about being able to give and recieve pleasure. It’s about intimacy. It’s something sacred, spiritual. And, this is the good part. We are all capable of it.

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