Listen to your cock. It’s smarter than you!

Tell us about your experiences of having penis massage?

How could it have been improved?

Do you prefer oil or lotion?

What type of music do you like to listen 2 when having the massage?

Were your nipples included?

Did you  have your balls massaged?

Did you give instruction, or were you completely quite?

Did they tickle your rosebud ?

Did you cumm ?

What instruction would you give to someone who has never given a cock massage before?

7 thoughts on “Listen to your cock. It’s smarter than you!

  1. At the risk of making too many comments on this, let me recount the male massage I got last night. My balls feel totally drained this morning and my cock feels loved and warm and dangly. Nice things about it. Silence – no music. Oil, thorough head to toe, bum work on the cheeks and spreading my crack and oiled rub through my crack and in between my legs from behind. Sack rub from behind with cusping and dick strokes. Then on my back he did my stomach and then my thighs. He spent a lot of time on my sack again, and then moved to my rosebud. Finger up arse, oiled rhythmic dick strokes. Let me hold his dick which dangled in front of me and then bit my nipple as I came. As I came he returned to gently touch my rosebud again. Will be cummmmming back for more on Monday. Left a BIG tip.

  2. My experience is mostly with Mr Cox and he has been great. Each session is different. Conversation and refreshments get you relaxed:

    Do you prefer oil or lotion? Oil

    What type of music do you like to listen 2 when having the massage? Relaxing and quiet background music so i can hear my own and masseur’s vocal mutterings and the slide of his hands on my body

    Were your nipples included? Yes

    Did you have your balls massaged? Oh yes!

    Did you give instruction, or were you completely quiet? I like to completely relax and submit to the masseur who will read my body and be free to lead the way – he knows more tricks than i do! Preferences or desires can be discussed before the massage unless the massage is therapeutic but becomes erotic spontaneously

    Did they tickle your rosebud ? Thats the best bit for me a closet bi guy. Gentle insertion too please!

    Did you cumm ? Yes. After non-ejaculatory orgasm usually.

    What instruction would you give to someone who has never given a cock massage before? Build up very slowly so he savour the cake before the sweet icing of an explosive ejaculation.

    Recalling my experiences has made me hard and yearning for another massage. Hope to be in touch soon Mr Cox ?

    1. I too am yearning to try Mr Cox and your description Pete just makes more determined. Next time in London for sure….

  3. Ps. I’ve been thinking about this some more. Competence as a masseur is king. The wank is very important as it’s part of the relaxation but it is not king. The massage all over your body is the most important. I have has as satisfying dick massages without ejaculation as with. Nice to cumm but the overall experience is greater than that.

  4. I regularly get a massage from a young Chinese gymnast. He is fantastic. His Chinese deep tissue massage is brilliant and he is strong and thorough. I tip him generously as he works at a big hotel spa and I guess they pay him shit. But I tipped because he was so good. My back and neck and shoulders were great the next day and for several more. A real professional. The other thing is that he is bloke who doesn’t care for the prissy niceties of privacy towel etc. he gives me a modesty towel but it is usually not that useful. His technique is thorough and he just gets on with the massage rather than readjust a towel that has shifted and revealed something private. I don’t care. Over the last year he has been such a help with stressed out shoulders and lower back I keep returning regularly when I can. I try for at least once a week, sometimes twice. I travel a lot and long hours on planes and stressful job mean I really use him when in town. He doesn’t speak much English and we use google translate. I let him know what a technically good masseur he is and he seems to appreciate my praise and obvious respect for him as a professional. Perhaps because I communicate real appreciation and I tip so well, he decided to offer more than a massage??? I don’t know. Perhaps he just likes dick or perhaps he knows how a man works – but as the visits progressed, his strokes around the bum (lots of bum work with Chinese massage) got more and more up close and personal. His upper thigh was the same. He does a fantastic belly massage that leaves me not needing food ( which I love) and his hands venture well down my pubic hair to the base of my cock. So there was always a “close encounter”. Or perhaps he is just a tease who leaves me wanting more……. but I have always enjoyed his work. Over the course of a few months his strokes included a brush of my balls and a seemingly inadvertent slide along my dick. As I didn’t complain he ventured further and asked if I was ‘all right’. I replied yes. Love it….. from then on he gets more adventurous. Which I love. All very professional. But well enjoyed and thankfully received. He now finishes each session with me ejaculating, a hot towel down and a head and face massage. His dick work always uses a jerk off with lots of lubricating oil. Sometimes I’m just not hard with the massage but he doesn’t take long to find a way to get the blood flooding my dick. He keeps it different each time. I’ve had his thumb up my arse, his teeth biting my nipple, his well oiled hands lubing my rod and a teasing inner thigh with only incidental dick contact. All done with rhythmic fluid motion and an attention to a very professional and satisfying deep tissue muscular massage. I think this is the key. The wank is incidental to a really good massage. But the relief from coming is definitely part of the whole complete experience. I guess he wants total relaxation for a happy customer. The happy ending is a really happy and deeply satisfying one. I shake his hand at the end and look him in the eye and say thank you. We hug now too it is quite emotional. He works hard for his money and I am hard from his work… it’s a valued service. I get massages at other places but never as good as this. I use the massageguys . Com . Au site in Australia and a few local men’s massage providers I know of but while all will finish with a man handle, few are as all encompassing good as this guy. One bloke in Sydney was great at stretching my muscles to places I never thought they could go. And as he did that he cupped my balls. What a comforting way to endure the gain from pain. It really worked well and I valued his man handling me. And another guy in Noosa worked on my backside and side, then reached under me past my dick to my tummy which was nice also. But none of them gave me the quality all over massage that this bloke gives. There is literally not an inch of my body that he has not been offered a deep and thorough set of rubs. I would even say there are parts of my inside that he rubs with good effect also. He gets my prostate like a man who knows me inside out.
    So my suggestions. Oil. Yes. Nipples – he has converted me. Never found them stimulating til with my eyes closed he bit one gently. I shot my load then and there. Balls. Definitely yes and yes again. Slow and thorough. Absolutely. Good overall relaxing massage. Yes. Don’t go straight for the hand job. Honesty and total nudity. Oh yes. Nothing weird but just matter of fact. No music. Just calm. rhythm and consistency is indispensible. Good tip. Naturally. Respect – totally. .

  5. Tell us about your experiences of having penis massage?
    The first time was great. But lately it’s not as exciting.

    How could it have been improved?
    Change how things occur / when they occur and do some different things

    Do you prefer oil or lotion?

    What type of music do you like to listen 2 when having the massage?

    Were your nipples included?

    Did you have your balls massaged?

    Did you give instruction, or were you completely quite?
    I only asked if mutual touch was allowed. It was.

    Did they tickle your rosebud ?

    Did you cumm ?
    Once, of meeting five times.

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