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Don’t you just love a Saturday, a day off to just enjoy yourself? I lay in bed just thinking of the urgent wank and the pic’s I sent you, back in February but what I did find Erotic was the E-mail I wrote describing it. My initial reaction to this request wasn’t received warmly I may add. But now I find that I’ve enjoyed the whole experience and it’s given me a sensual avenue to express myself. A dull and jaded sex life has been rejuvenated, for which I thank you. For on several occasions since I have spilt my cum. It must have looked hilarious, me sitting stark naked in front of my computer. Typing with one hand on the keyboard, cock in the other, it’s a wonder it made any sense at all. But I feel I didn’t do the male penis or orgasm justice.

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So with your indulgence Seb. I would like to try again. So guys pants down cock in hand lets go for some cock edging. I’ve been thinking of this all week as I start my PREPARATION, drinking more water every day to increase the quantity of semen. And excise my groin and buttocks by squeezing and holding them tight for as long as possible, doing this whenever I think of it, this helps with ejaculation intensity. I also spend time anticipating and fantasying the pending masturbation, once again to improve intensity. It wasn’t easy to get through a full week with out masturbating. Thursday morning being my worst day waking with an erection with a pressing hardness, and what can only be described as a heavy feeling in my testicals. Not trusting myself I quickly dressed and left for work.


But now preparation is complete, and it’s time to enjoy myself. So now I lay in bed, contemplating the joys of masturbating, doing just what you like, when and how you like it. Pleasing no-one but yourself. Not having your partner move at a crucial moment, the benefits are enormous. Sometimes it’s a necessity to give yourself this time. I remember the words of a friend during a mutual masturbation session. As he watched me racing to reach orgasm, pumping my cock at a furious rate. This was due to my youth and the fear someone would catch me, with my cock in my hand. David he said the destination is great but take time to enjoy the journey this good advice was from a man who could masturbate for hours and you could see the enjoyment written on his face. He had an uncanny ability to manipulate a cock. And I was fortunate enough to experience his expertise. To this day, I live by his advice. I find myself unconsciously stroking the head of my penis, with thumb and forefingers in a twisting motion. My half erect penis responding with an appreciative throb. The shaft lifting the head of my cock, up into my thumb and fingers. I chuckle to myself as I know I am going to masturbate today and my penis senses it to. But today I’m in no hurry intending to enjoy every tantalising second of this. I get up walking to the shower, conscious of my half erect penis caught somewhere between erection and gravity, the semi engorged weight of my cock pulling on the mussels supporting it, giving me a quite pleasant feeling.

pending masturbationI turn on the shower to Luke warm as the day is hot. I wash my body and shave my genitals, leaving only the landing strip. I prefer a clean shaven cock and balls. For this I like to use Nivea shaving gel. This has a thick slippery consistency and is good to masturbate with. I indulged in a few quick strokes as I wash it off. Not drying myself I head out to my kitchen to prepare breakfast and coffee all the time, my cock fighting gravity and erection. I step out on the patio, instantly the morning sun warms my body, a soft breeze caressing my buttocks and flowing over my penis and testicles. My wet body accentuating the feeling of the cooling breeze. I close my eyes and imagine a Geisha running a silk scarf over my buttocks and genitals. The feeling similar, I stand there for a couple of minutes taking in the feeling and enjoying my nakedness. The smell of coffee bringing me back to earth. I notice my penis now more erect. although not fully. I sit down for breakfast and coffee. I let my imagination run wild remembering past sexual partners, two ladies in particular, ( both on separate occasions I’m not that lucky ) One was a complete exhibitionist and loved to fuck in public, she also had an inclination to anal sex. The other although quite demure loved to watch me masturbate. These two ladies are directly responsible, when they asked me what my orgasm felt like. This was after an enormous orgasm that left them both quite stunned, about the intensity and amount of cum I ejaculated. I stumbled over incoherent words and to tell you the truth I could not explain it. So I embarked on a search for how it felt. And I found masturbation to be the most effective tool. I notice my imagination has bought my cock fully erect and pointing skyward. I stand up to view my creation. My circumcised penis, on the higher end of the average scale. But still average the stiff shaft protrudes from my body, a slight arch half way up increasing the angle skyward, the head slightly bulbous making it visibly separate from the shaft. The lower part of my penis a healthy pink colour, blending to an inflamed, warmer red at the upper part of my shaft. This gave the impression my cock was angry and dangerous. My scrotum loose with my testicals hanging low due to the heat of the day. Enough procrastination there are pleasures of the flesh to be had. I head to the bathroom for the massage oil, my erection swinging from side to side like a pointer. I grab the oil and follow my cock out to the back garden again. I stand and pour a little oil over the back of my erect penis. I let it spill over my cock and watch it drip to the ground, while I absorb its feeling of warmth. With my right hand I work the lubricant over my cock, twisting my hand to ensure good coverage. Unhappy with the results I apply a second application. sometimes I prefer a small amount of lubricant so I can feel my penis. But today I want my cock soaking wet, I want it to slip and slide in my hand. I have a better result this time with an allover film, enabling my hand to slide over it with little friction. I use erotica massage oil as I find it is a touch thicker and enhances the feeling. I get this from a local health shop. I think the guy that runs it is a wake up to me. I begin my MASTURBATION. Stroking my stiff shaft, engulfing my glans on the up stroke, moving slowly down my wet shaft to cup my balls and scrotum. I keep the pace slow and deliberate, as today I’m in no hurry. I enjoy the feeling of my hand running up and down my wet lubricated shaft as it searches the length for sensations. I vary each stroke slightly to explore every millimeter of my cock. I feel my scrotum contract rolling my testicals closer to my body, obviously to warm the semen for ejaculation. This is the beginning of my bodies metamorphous into orgasm.

tumblr_m4qhx4CfIQ1r32077o1_500My wet hand is stimulating my glans and underside of my penis. The sensation just a dull ache, I ignore my scrotum and testicles for a moment and concentrate my stroking on these stimulated areas. My cock responding by hardening, pressing on the walls of the shaft until it feels as if it may burst, the rim of my glans flaring to absorb more of the sensation, each stroke heightening the dull ache. Until it feels as if my cock has been tickled with a feather, for an hour. All that is needed now is the feeling of an orgasm to overlay this sensation. I continue masturbating, my testicals now tight and firm as I cup them on the down stroke. The rim and underside of my penis quite sensitive now. Then suddenly I thought I sensed a new feeling, a mild tingling at the base of my penis. Perhaps not, I took another stroke of my hard shaft, giving the head particular attention, no nothing. My wet cock slipped through my hand for the third time. Definitely nothing I must have imagined it. My hand continuing to work my cock at this slow tantalizing pace. My glans receiving some great sensations with each stroke of my rock hard, wet cock. The intensity of my masturbation increasing. Then suddenly there it was again, definite now, the tingling deep at the base of my cock as my orgasm is conceived. Each stroke bringing it up along my stiff shaft, ever so slowly. Similar to the mercury in a thermometer rising over a low heat. I continue the masturbation at a slow pace, the tingling becoming quite noticeable now, the semen now a quarter way up the inside of my shaft. Time to play some more games. I place my left hand on the side of my buttock, enabling me to feel my mussels tense and to gently squeeze my left buttock. Simply because I enjoy it while wanking. As my right hand keeps working my cock I wait until it reaches the base of my penis squeezing, the buttocks in, then releasing for the down stroke. This engorges the penis and intensifies the pleasure of the rubbing over the glans. Also giving you a great visual, watching your head enlarge and the skin smooth out, the colour of the cock deeply enriched. I continue the squeeze release for several strokes, feeling with my left hand the buttocks squeeze and release. The semen rising millimeter at a time the sensation of my hand over my glans becoming more intense. Then I squeezed then I should have released the semen in my shaft moved up dramatically. this could have been  disastrous to my cause if the masturbation had been more advanced .Now concentrating intently I waited for my hand to complete it’s down stroke, the semen did its usual rise and then I squeezed and held. I completed the next six to seven strokes with mussels clenched .the semen not moving up at all. My hand running up my shaft engulfing the head, moving down to cup my balls the semen now half way up, on the soft underside of my penis.

mature hairy turkish daddies gayThe tingling sensation becoming intense now. This is the part of masturbation I enjoy the most. The sensations are intense enough to enjoy, and you can still control the flow of cum. I will often let my cock bubble away in this state for hours, while watching porn. Giving an occasional stroke to maintain it at this level. But today I edge towards ejaculation. My breathing becoming heavier, I’m conscious of an increase in heart rate but more conscious of cum moving up my shaft. My focus becoming narrower. I now take a chance and slow the pace; applying a little more pressure to the top half of my cock by tightening my thumb and fore finger, then twist my hand around the tip. As I am a little older I risk the orgasm receding down the shaft, making it difficult to reach orgasm and losing intensity. But I feel my erection is strong and the pending orgasm intense. My hand slides down my stiff cock again cupping my balls and returning on the up stroke. I feel the semen continuing its upward flow, another couple of strokes confirms the flow has slowed. The semen now three quarters up my stiff shaft, the tingling sensation intense. I feel myself losing control. When I notice on a down stroke, a pearly drop of pre-cum on my tip. Glistening in the morning sun. I squeeze my cock and more oozes out. With my other hand I wipe up the blob of cum with my fore finger, a sticky stringy thread connects penis and finger before snapping back to the head of my cock. I continue to masturbate as it’s now critical I don’t let the semen retreat down my penis. I lift the blob of cum to my mouth and sucked it from my finger. This was the first time I’ve done this. I let the blob pass over my tongue before swallowing it. The taste salty, but not unpleasant. I’m now fighting the urge to increase the speed of masturbation, and furiously pump my cock to ejaculation. I tell myself each slow stroke of my wet cock increases the time I enjoy the sensations, moving up and through my penis. But even this is becoming almost unbearable. It slides through my hand again as I tease my cock to a slow orgasm. I have for now conquered the urge. I try to relax my mussels in my cock and buttocks and allow the semen to slowly flow up my shaft. It’s obvious that I won’t be successful all the time. But it is worth the effort, it eventually gives you a slight variation to your orgasm. As you cum use these mussels, and try to shoot as far as possible. My hand still sliding over my shaft, a wet slapping and squelching sound is audible and seems strangely erotic, as it confirms my activity. The musky aroma of testosterone heavy in the air, reaches my nostrils. The semen continuing its journey, the tingling sensation now so intense, I want to reach inside my penis to scratch it. I realize its going to happen rapidly from here. The mussels in my calves tensing, my toes curled up gripping the ground I was standing on, the mussels in my neck tense, my face contorted.  My lips form a circle, OOOOHH! I sucked air in over my teeth. SSSHH!  OOOOHH! My head swimming in the ecstasy of masturbation. My peripheral vision gone as I focused on my stiff wet cock sliding through my hand. My bodies metamorphous into orgasm is now complete. The tingling sensation just below my glans, the stimulation on the soft under side and rim of my cock inter mingling with the rising orgasm. I took another two slow but deliberate strokes with the last twist of my hand. I felt the semen rushing into my glans swirling and pooling in my cocks head my world becoming quiet, as I started my assent into orgasm. My hand slipped up my shaft again, squeezed and twisted on the glans. I gripped my cock hard and slammed my fist into my pubic mound, my cock protruding from my fist by 7 or 8 cm. the tingling extreme, my vision blurred waves of sheer ecstasy flowing through me. No longer capable of logical thought, my cock momentarily took control. I thrust my hips out my back arched. My cock looked larger as it protruded from my hand. The colour a deep crimson and looking urgent. EJACULATION is now imminent. Involuntary mussel spasms grip my cock causing the head to rise and fall. The mussels in my buttocks, spasming simultaneously. My cock seems unwilling to give up its load. It  performs a convulsive dance in my fist. The eye of my cock now opens. The head rises from another involuntary spasm, a large wad of cum erupts climbing steadily skyward pushed along by a stream of sticky white semen, both connected; the wad reaches chest height and then starts to fall. But the stream continues its journey for another 5 or 6 cm. creating a gravity defying arch. It hadn’t reached the ground when a second spurt flowed from my cock my timing was out, as my cock hadn’t had time to recover from the initial ejaculation. The cum running down my shaft, over my hand and scrotum , tickling my balls as it dripped off them on its way to join the first spurt.

sex-spiritualMy cock spasming in my hand again several times before erupting, semen lifting into the air pushed sky ward by a crazed stream of hot sticky cum. The stream more intense than the first ejaculation, reaching an even greater height, before arching over to start its downward decent. The stream separating into droplets and sections, before sliding back on itself, starting its downward fall. My head was swimming; a mussel spasm took hold of my left leg and it shock uncontrollably. My head held back, I let out a guttural groan, the tingling sensation and ecstasy swam through my entire body, intermingling with each other creating an incredible mussel spasm in my cock. Cum ejaculating in yet another stream up, a mussel spasm in my upper back violently pushed my chest forward. I was now totally consumed by my orgasm. My cock spasming again, semen erupted from my stiff cock. The tingling sensation spiking with each spurt of cum.  The ejaculations not as strong now, but intensity was as high. Every nerve ending alive, receptive to every sensation. Somewhere in that cloud I realized I still had a death grip on my penis. I took my cum soaked hand from my cock. My hips shuddered in a strange fucking motion. This was not a mussel spasm but more of a response to the continuing orgasm. My cock rose again the tingling sensation spiking with ejaculation. The stream of cum now short, arching downwards falling to the ground. My head swimming in the cloudy mist of orgasm, balanced somewhere between my conscious and sub conscious minds. My body now tired from constant mussel spasm. My cock drooped down only to rise with contraction again. Semen flowed from my cock, running down the soft under side of my penis, flowing over my balls. The mussels at the base of my cock pushing hard, empting my stiff shaft, wringing the last drops of semen from my cock. The physical side of my orgasm is now over, I relaxed in the AFTERMATH. My body shuddered from the last flow of semen. I raised my head and shut my eyes, allowing myself to swim in the cloudy mist of ecstasy. My mussels relaxing, releasing their grip on my body. I could now hear the Galas and corellas screeching from a near by gum tree. A neighbour’s dog barking from down the road. I tried to ignore these intrusive sounds and let myself drift in this state, but unfortunately nothing was going to stop me from being drawn back. The mist in my head clearing, I could now see a dull glow from behind my closed eyelids. My breathing returning to normal, as is my heart rate. The cool breeze flowed over my buttocks and genitals again, my body wet with perspiration. But it did not have the same effect as previously, the Geisha has gone missing. I guess the level of expectation and perception not as high after masturbation. Then a conscious thought ‘this is ground control to Major Tom ‘. It amused me David Bowie had called me back to earth. I opened my eyes, the glare from the bright morning sun harsh. I looked down at what was left of my erection as it retracted with each heart beat, firstly the tip bending down until it was pointing to the ground, then the shaft retracting upon itself, until quite flaccid. One last defiant drop of semen formed on the head and dropped onto my inner thigh of my right leg. I could see beneath me splatters and pools of semen “yeah right a teaspoon full, I don’t think so “. A calm feeling of euphoria washed over me. A legacy of my orgasm that would stay with me for the rest of the day. The sexual tension gone lying in the pools of semen at my feet. My penis feels strangely content. This was the time I was supposed to feel guilt and shame. I dropped that luggage years ago. I’m proud to be male, and I was proud of this most fulfilling orgasm. An orgasm I worked hard for. I begin to plan my next one, what do you think. Masturbation, wank or jerk off. It can be what ever I want. I love to see men masturbate and ejaculate so I might see what I can find on your site. I’d  love to watch you so come on guys start wanking. You will all be hearing from me again soon. When we can absorb another couple of hours.  By Dave 247mls

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  1. I am 65 old I get a erection every morning when u awAke and have EROTIC dreams of Brazilian men and like the way I climax every time I see one even Indian men the way their penises are fprm some uncut I think getting circumcision is cruel to get males this way ibwas planning to get my penis reconstruction and have foreskin again I am always horny and can’t get enough I guess my sexual awareness was late and now making up for it I visit the bathhouse once a month and enjoy the sexual hunt of my conquests and hope to have enough sex til I can’t do it any more but for know I always prime and ready I had a encounter with a dude who was hung and a beauty of a cock he had but he was more intrigue with mine and paid a compliment said I think u are the most handsome man I ever met and having sex with u had more gratification and we had sex we climaxed 4 times in succession and asked how old I was he said u are beautiful I will fantasize every time I see u naked and I come with joy

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