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rumi-quote-5Through association with The New School of Erotic Touch and The Orgasmic Yoga Institute,  Mr Cox offers hundreds of hours of video classes, teachings and clips that explore Eros in a healthy, informative medium. Based on modern Sexological Bodywork, Somatics and ancient practices from Tantra and Taoism, these wonderful video courses provide you with a great way to explore your erotic nature in the privacy of your own home. These courses are very affordable, and they explore a vast array of erotic possibility, including solo erotic practice for men and women, erotic massage, erotic touch and intimacy for couples, mindful use of porn, healing through sexual intimacy, addressing shame and abuse and so much more! Become a better lover through these powerful practices!

Best value: $99 all classes for 3 months, $10 per month thereafter
$19.95 individual video classes, renews at $9.95/month
$39 per month for all classes, renews monthly

Soft Cock Erotic Massage: Sensuous Lessons for the Orgasmic Man 

Sixty-five minutes of explicit video with Joseph Kramer, Ph.D. Why have so few men experienced the wonders of soft cock erotic massage? Skilled erotic bodyworkers Ursula, Jesse and Tho offer you a master class in giving and receiving this neglected pleasure. You will learn more than twenty ways to take your man into orgasmic bliss by stimulating his soft penis.

Oral Sex for Couples, Part 1- Fabulous Fellatio

Thirty-five minutes of explicit video with Jaiya from New World Sex EducationLeading sex educator. Jaiya, teaches how to bring your lover and yourself to full body and cosmic pleasure using a wide range of simple and intimate techniques. Invaluable for new couples embarking on a sensual journey, and for older couples seeking to enhance their skills.

Oral Sex for Couples, Part 2- Connected Cunnilingus

Twenty-five minutes of explicit video with Jaiya from New World Sex EducationThis class introduces Jaiya’s explicit lessons in cunnilingus. These techniques range from introductory to advanced. Featuring Reena Sky, Bill Bailey, Jordan Kingsley and Jon Hanauer, these two skilled couples demonstrate many ways to increase your partner’s pleasure as well as your own.

The Best of Vulva Massage

160 minutes of explicit video by Joseph Kramer, Ph.D. The full spectrum of vulva touch: lovemaking with a partner, self-loving, ritual healing, genital therapy, sex coaching and good old-fashioned pleasuring with Betty Dodson, Jaiya, Annie Sprinkle and more.

The Best of Penis Massage

63 minutes of explicit video with Joseph Kramer, Ph.D. Learn from playful, creative men and women liberated from sexual habit. Includes: lovemaking with a partner, selfloving, erotic initiation, sex coaching, exploring altered states, and good old-fashioned pleasuring.

Male Genital Massage

180 minutes of explicit video with Joseph Kramer, Ph.D.“The ultimate hand job lesson, providing live-action instruction on how to pleasure a man’s penis.” Learn the joys of giving and receiving a genital massage that often leads to a spiritual and transformative full-bodied orgasm.

Anal Massage on a Man

97 minutes of explicit video with Chester MainardExplore the pleasures of anal eroticism, including how to contact the “male G spot.” Learn the art of giving a rosebud massage, penetrating gracefully, and pleasuring the prostate.

Evolutionary Masturbation for Men

40 minutes of explicit video with Joseph Kramer and Joe MironWhat part of the male anatomy gets the most touch with the least creativity? If you want to expand what is erotically possible, this class will teach you more than twenty innovative masturbation strokes that awaken self-love, creativity, and heightened pleasure.

Self Anal Massage for Men

33 minutes of explicit video with Joseph Kramer and Joe MironAnal pleasure and health are important frontiers to be explored. Watch and learn self-rosebud massage, enlightened prostate massage, and simultaneous anal and genital stimulation. Discover the best positions, toys and dildos to maximize your relaxation and pleasure.

Genital Massage for Women

33 minutes of explicit video from Red Hot Touch with JaiyaLearn how to take your lover into extraordinary erotic states. With specific instruction and explicit close ups, Jaiya guides you through massage strokes for the clitoris, vulva, g-spot, and vagina. Three male-female couples demonstrate conscious, intimate touch.

Genital Massage for Men

30 minutes of explicit video from Red Hot Touch with JaiyaThree erotically-gifted women caress their male lovers deep into non-ordinary erotic states and create new pleasure patterns in their bodies. The masseuses demonstrate twenty ways to touch the male genitals.

Erotic Touch for Sexual Positions

36 minutes of explicit video from Red Hot Touch with JaiyaJaiya believes that both men and women can use their hands more creatively during intercourse. What do you do with your hands? Three sensuous couples demonstrate over thirty techniques to enhance full body arousal and deep intimate connection.

Erogenous Zones and Orgasmic Massage

51 minutes of explicit video from Red Hot Touch with JaiyaThree sensuous couples guide you in making love with your hands and heart, as well as with your lips, hips, breath, chest, and mouth. Jaiya takes us on a magical mystery tour of the whole body with special emphasis on the non-genital erogenous zones.

Exquisite Anal Massage

35 minutes of explicit video from Red Hot Touch with JaiyaIn this video class, you will see two women and a man receive external and internal anal massages. Jaiya teaches show to milk the prostate and massage the g-spot through the anus. Anal massage brings orgasmic sensations and relaxation to your lover’s entire body.

Tantric Massage

60 minutes of explicit video with Kenneth Ray Stubbs, Ph.D.This class teaches a full-body massage that combines Swedish, Esalen and the erotic. This is ideal for couples, and you will learn strokes for both the male and female bodies. More than half a million people have learned erotic touch from this video.

The Kama Sutra of Sexual Positions and
The Fine Art of Sexual Positions

114 minutes of explicit video with Kenneth Ray Stubbs, Ph.D.These two DVDs from Kenneth Ray Stubbs Ph.D., are visual poems and erotic landscapes presenting hundreds of lovemaking positions. Be inspired by erotic art, music, and poetry without spoken instruction.

Amazing World of Orgasm

57 minutes of video with Annie Sprinkle and friends“Let there be pleasure on earth, and let it begin with me.”
Annie Sprinkle wants all of us to live even more ecstatic, orgasmic lives. In this class, twenty-six sex experts expand your erotic knowledge so that you can experience dozens of different types of orgasms.

Divine Nectar: Exploring Female Ejaculation

90 minutes of explicit video with Tallulah SulisLearn from six erotically-gifted women who share with us their personal stories and explicit demonstrations of female ejaculation. Many women have the capacity for the ejaculation experience. Expand your capacity with this visionary class.

Mindful Masturbation for Men

95 minutes of explicit video with Bruce GretherMen often masturbate to relieve sexual tension. By bringing greater attention to the process of self-pleasuring, you can increase your pleasure, improve self-esteem, and alter consciousness. From the intimacy of his home, Bruce teaches while masturbating.

Lovers getting started with Erotic Massage

Two hours of explicit video by Joseph Kramer, Ph.D.Anastasia and Destin are artists and sex educators learning how to be an erotic couple. They use erotic touch to expand pleasure, to deepen intimacy and to build trust.

Tantra Lovemaking for Couples

130 minutes of video by Suzie Heumann
This explicit course challenges couples to evolve their sex and intimacy skills. Tantric masters from Marin and Maui teach erotic practices and crucial communication.

Mindful Masturbation: Brotherhood of Men

55 minutes of explicit video by Bruce P. GretherDare to enter Bruce Grether’s Male Mystery School.   Communal eroticism offers a unique path for ecstatic men desiring Phallic Brotherhood.

Healing Sex

3.5 hours of video demonstrations and teaching This video training in Healing Sexual Abuse was not created just for survivors of sexual abuse. Psychotherapists, sex coaches, tantra teachers, and somatic practitioners of all sorts and their clients will benefit from Staci Haines’ body-based practices for healing.

Joy of Thrusting

41 minutes of thrusting demonstrations from Philip Deal. Modern men have lost a lot of fluidity in their hips. American men are especially notorious for the immobility of their hips. Few men have ever had any helpful sex education training that would make for skillful pelvic thrusting. In this class Philip Deal demonstrates more than ten different thrusting practices and positions making use of a Fleshlight.

Masturbation Engineering

53 minute master class from Bruce Grether and Blue Tyger. Bruce Grether and Blue Tyger call their their teaching, Erotic Engineering. Bruce and Blue’s “Nine Golden Keys to Mindful Masturbation” offer men clear and simple instructions to escape from habit and enjoy embodied masturbation. This class gives you access to Grether’s complete text, as well as supplementary video demonstrations and teachings from Blue Tyger.

Ecosexual Practice

38 minutes of ecosexuality with Annie Sprinkle. Diana Pornoterroista and Jake Duranda. “We are the EcoSexuals. The Earth is our lover. We are madly, passionately, and fiercely in love, and we are grateful for this relationship each and every day. In order to create a more mutual and sustainable relationship with the Earth, we collaborate with nature. We treat the Earth with kindness, respect and affection.”
–from the EcoSexual Manifesto by Beth Stephens and Annie Sprinkle

Your Junk is Someone’s Treasure

Several hours of mindful masturbation with orgasmic yoga practitioners and teachers including Tomi DeLuna, Matthew Simmons and Reverend Christian Benjamin. The class includes a wide array of mindful masturbation practices. The Orgasmic Yoga Institute invites men to submit video of mindful masturbation sessions for this series. When we post your video, we will give you a year’s membership in The Orgasmic Yoga Institute.

Erotic Nothingness-Allowing Sex To Have Its Way With Us

66 minutes of Buddhist-influenced massage meditationPeter Denger, a meditator for thirty-five years, demonstrates this mindfulness massage twice-once on a woman and once on a man. There is nothing for the receiver to do except to be aware. The receiver is asked be attentive to their sensations without attaching to them.

Palm Springs Tantric Yoga

110 minutes of erotic yoga instruction with Loren JohnsonLoren invites you to practice along with him during this Tantric Yoga class in Palm Springs. The practices you will learn increase erotic capacities while promoting sexual freedom and vibrant health. Loren teaches us how to optimize and integrate sexual energy in the context of an erotic/spiritual practice.

Erotic Massage Dancing

47 minutes of embodiment practice. Erotic Massage Dancing involves you, the receiver, “dancing” with your sexual arousal while on a massage table. You guide the massage, giving specific instructions throughout to the giver. You focus attention within your own body while consciously playing with movement, breath, sound and self- touch. This embodiment practice, also called “active receiving,” supports learning erotic self-regulation.

Changing My Life

31 minutes of transformative wanking with Terry Weisser. Just three months before this erotic yoga session was filmed, Terry Weisser began to consciously change the way he masturbates. Sexual habits are difficult to change. From his background in teaching yoga, Terry knew that conscious practice over time is the way humans learn new somatic behaviors. Learn along with Terry.

Sexual Kung Fu

49 minutes of erotic practices with Loren Johnson. Kung means practice and Fu is skill. Sexual Kung Fu, the skillful practice of sex, is essentially the Chinese form of Orgasmic Yoga. Practice consists of cultivating high levels of energy through the systematic process of arousal. Tools of breathing and mindfulness are then utilized to circulate that energy throughout the body and brain.

Lovers getting started with Erotic Massage

87 minutes of learning to touch as a practiceDestin and Anastasia offer you a class in how to begin an erotic massage practice. Witness three of their first practice sessions together. They share with you the challenges that came up in their relationship through this practice. In a special section, Destin and Anastasia demonstrate their favorite ways to touch each other’s genitals.

Introduction to Healthy Porn Watching

42 minutes of porn yoga practices with Philip DealToo often, masturbating to pornography involves forgetting our own bodies. This experiential course teaches erotic yoga practices and strategies that assist the porn lover to enliven his body and open his heart. In other words, the intention of this course is to make use of the porn high to be a healthier and sexier person.

Liberator Kama Sutra

29 minutes of mounted Fleshlight sessions with Philip DealHands free masturbation can be a liberating experience. Many erotic yogis practice hands free thrusting with the use of an anchored Fleshlight. The thrusting generates enormous amounts of sexual energy. The dancing and hip movements circulate that energy throughout the body.

Pleasuring Your Body Electric

35 minutes of practice sessionsIn this class two women make love to themselves and a third woman receives erotic touch as a meditative practice. These video demonstrations are from a Swiss DVD titled: Orgasmic Yoga: Love Yourself First.

Erotic Choreographies: The Video Chronicles of Philip Deal

45 minutes of practice sessions. Between 2007 and 2012, Philip Deal kept a video sex journal of his practice sessions. In this class, he generously shares some of his favorite sessions. He is a performer. His background includes twenty years as a professional dancer and yoga instructor. Rarely do we get the chance to see the intimate erotic explorations of someone with such an embodied education.

Preparing for Warm Sex with a Man

51 minutes of explicit video from Red Hot Touch with Jaiya“Especially during periods when desire is relatively low, warm sex allows couples to maintain a physical bond and helps them to continue perceiving each other in a sexual light. Some people have a great difficulty learning to enjoy warm sex, while others gravitate to it naturally. In addition to its other rewards, warm sex maintains an erotic playground.” Jack Morin, Ph.D.

Breathing your Body Erotic

35 minutes of video breathing sessions with Caffyn JesseBreath is an inner lover, entering each cell of our bodies, bringing pleasure and renewal to all parts of our being. This class includes seven individual audio recordings of different breathing patterns for you to breathe with.

Evolutionary Masturbation

50 minutes of Orgasmic Yoga lessonsThe demonstrations in this video class can help you manage, regulate and play with your erotic energy. Four ecstatic masturbators show you over thirty ways to bring movement, breathing, relaxation, and creativity into your solo sex sessions. If you masturbate the same way you did ten years ago with diminishing results, this class is for you.

Uranus: Self Anal Massage

33 minutes of inviting the land down under into your practiceThis video class offers you the tools to integrate anal self loving into your erotic practice. The deeper we go into self anal massage or any erotic experience, the less hold shame has on us. Savoring thwarts shame. Explore the pleasures of Rosebud Massage, enlightened prostate massage, and simultaneous anal and genital stimulation.

Journey To Orgasm

29 minutes of erotic yoga with Neal WeckerSexological Bodyworker Neal Wecker helps others to manage the flow of erotic energy within their bodies and within their relationships. Erotic self regulation involves controlling levels of excitement and levels of relaxation during sexual play, allowing individuals to choose when to orgasm and when to ejaculate.

Healing Sex

3.5 hours of video demonstrations and teaching with Staci HainesThis video training in Healing Sexual Abuse was not created just for survivors of sexual abuse. Psychotherapists, sex coaches, tantra teachers, and somatic practitioners of all sorts and their clients will benefit from Staci Haines’ body-based practices for healing.

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