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Yes I Am Multi-orgasmic Man

Yes I am multi-orgasmic, for almost 20 years. I first read the Mantak Chia book, The Multi Orgasmic Man and have found it to be completely true – as far as it goes, but there is so much more. I have developed on my own from there. I can have as many orgasms as I chose. I estimate that I normally have about 15 per day.

These are orgasms without ejaculation and do not result in loss of stamina. I may or may not go flacid depending on stimulation, but can quickly get erect again if desired. As for multiple ejaculations, I am also able to have these. Just like an orgasm can be achieved without ejaculating, an ejaculation can be acheived without orgasming. I find that if i stimulate myself to the point of orgasm and then rythmically contract my PC muscles just as if I was having an “normal male orgasm” I can spirt cum without loss of erection – in fact I get very horny. I have done to have up to three orgasms. I have never gone past three without the fourth one being a full blown ejaculatory orgasm which leaves me emptied and completely satisfied. I have a video of a triple ej which I am willing to share. I am very interested in your project and would be willing to discuss this further. Not many men are willing to consider this and I find that mystifying. Ran


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  • a few facts
    1. he didn’t write the book he just copied it
    2, it’s not about orgasm, it’s about ejaculation
    3. It’s about being fit, enough, to do that again, and again, and again
    4. when u have strong orgasm everything is expelled from your prostate
    5. Oxygen rushes back in to that void
    6. then you now have the prostate of a 20 year old

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