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  1. I had my first gay experience in 2011 when I applied for a job in Reading. I had booked a hotel for 3 nights due to the fact that the interview was 2 days. After the 2nd interview day we were treated to an evening out with the managing director & some of the staff to a meal and then most of us went on to a pub afterwards, after a couple of hours my taxi arrived to take me back to my hotel which was 12 miles away from the pub. During my journey I asked the taxi driver if he could stop as I was getting desperate to goto the toilet. The driver (he is called Ray) said the he only lives a mile away and I could use his toilet as he needed to get a pack of cigarettes from his house. Within a minute the taxi stopped and he told me to follow him into his house to use the bathroom. When I had finished in the bathroom I heard Ray calling to me from his kitchen asking my if I would like a coffee as he was having one, so I agreed to do so. We sat down in his kitchen and he asked me where I was from. I told him that I’m from Durham and just visiting Reading as I was being interviewed and might be moving here if I was offered the job. He laughed about my accent being so strong and said that it was nice. Ray got up out of his chair and handed me a coffee and I was shocked just how tall he is. Anyway we chatted for a few mins and I said that I better continue with my journey to my hotel as he was still on duty. Ray told me that I was his last fare tonight so I need not to worry about rushing back to the hotel, and lit up a cigarette and we continued to chat for a few mins about me moving to Reading and what it’s like living there. Before I knew it almost 30 mins had passed and we were still chatting and onto our 2nd coffee & cigarette and I didn’t feel uncomfortable being in a strange mans house. Then out of nowhere Ray got up and put the cups into the sink and continued to ask me questions about girlfriends etc when I noticed that his jeans were a bit tight and I could see that he had a bit of a bulge. I did feel uncomfortable and decided not to look and acted as if I hadn’t noticed. After a few moments I couldn’t help but noticed that his bulge had got bigger and pretended that I hadn’t noticed and made a comment about getting back to my hotel. Suddenly Ray walked over to me and put his hands around my waist and kissed me full on my lips and I pushed him back with shock. Ray apologised and said he couldn’t help it but found me attractive, then kissed me again and before I knew it I was kissing him. This lasted for a few more seconds. With his hands still on my waist we stated to kiss again and he took my hand and led me to the living room onto the sofa where we continued to kiss more, after 10 mins or so Ray stood up and took off his shirt and my jaw nearly hit the floor when I saw his body half naked, he was in real good shape and showed of the hairiest chest I have ever saw, he started to undress me whilst kissing me, within seconds he was stood there in his tight boxer shorts and continued to pull off the rest of my clothes. I was shaking with nerves as this has never happened to me before (I have often wondered what it would be like to go with a man and I was about to find out) I looked at Ray’s boxer shorts and he was bulging, noticing where I was looking he took them off and pulled mine of too, he must have been about 8 ins and very very thick with a huge helmet. Ray picked me up and carried me upstairs to his bedroom and placed me onto the bed where we continued to kiss and his hands were all over me stroking me everywhere. I lay nervously on the bed starting to sober up but I was enjoying myself and not going anywhere. Ray held me cock and started to wank, suck, lick and kiss me then took me hand and placed it on his cock indicated that he wanted the same done to him, at first I was reluctant to put his fat cock in my mouth, it was so thick I really had to open my mouth so wide but I managed and started to really get into it, he then lifted my legs up in the air and play with my ass cheeks and started to lick and suck on my ass lips and before I knew it I was wriggling about when I felt his facial stubble gently rub on my hole as he was trying to put his tongue inside me, but this wasn’t happening as I was an anal virgin. His finger was gently probing me while his continued to lick and rub his stubble around and on my tight little ass. Ray asked me if I would like to use some help in getting myself relaxed. I asked him what he meant and he handed me a small bottle and told me to sniff the aroma. He started to put some lube on my ass and his fingers and insert a finger very slowly inside me ( my god it was tight and my ass felt as he f it was on fire) eventually he had a finger halfway inside me and I felt some pain but I didn’t want him to stop. I sniffed at the bottle again and he continued to work on my ass, I was sucking on his cock and running my hands all over his hairy body, Ray was pulling my ass cheeks apart an putting gallons of lube on me and then put 2 fingers deep inside me. He was so hard and wanted to fuck me. He put on a condom and told me to lie on my stomach while he slowly put his helmet into me and I was screaming as it stretched me, I was sniffing the poppers while he continued to slowly slide his fat cock inside me but it wasn’t working, so we stopped and had a cigarette. We got back into the bedroom and started to continue but this time I was a lot more relaxed and I lay again on my stomach wile he finger fucked me and covered me ass inside full of lube and slowly slide his cock into me, this time he put all of his thick 8 ins into me and started to very slowly ride my ass, he had opened me up and got me on my hands and knees and fucked me, I could feel his big hanging balls slap against me with every stroke, we changed positions so now I’m on my back with my legs in the air where I could see most of his fat cock disappear into my aching ass. Again we changed positions and he got me to sit on top of him so that I was facing his feet, he was thrusting his hips so I was bouncing on top of his cock, I could look into the mirror and see his full thick hard long cock thrusting into my ass, I,was,screaming with pain and pleasure. I thought this was going to be the final but I was wrong, Ray got me on my back again and slid his cock so deep inside and told me to cling on to him while he picked me up I had to grip with my legs as he stood up and carried me around the room and bounced me on his cock for ages , I could really feel my ass stretching and this made me scream as he went so deep and fast for what seemed like an eternity, Ray placed me back me on my back on the bed and continued to fuck me fast, slow, deep and pulled out his cock took of the condom and started to wank his cock and Cumm on my chest. We both lay there covered in sweat and cuddled and fell asleep. Next morning I was woken up with a cup of coffee and had a shower together when he started to lube me up again and started all over again before I went back to the hotel to check out. Ray drove me there and asked I I would like to stay at his house for another night before I went home, I agreed to do so and we spent the afternoon at a leisure centre In a sauna to relax before going for a meal then going back to his house. Ray told me to take a nap as tonight was going to even more fun. When I awoke from my nap Ray told me that he wanted to massage me to get me relaxed again, he took 2 pills (He told me later that they were viagra) and shaved my ass and balls and massaged my whole body and started to massage my whole body befor really giving my freshly shaven ass a good seeing to, Ray really gave me his cock in positions that I could never imagine, this time he fucked me slowly for ages, his strong hairy body really got me turned on, he was teasing me with his big thick cock and massive helmet that fucked me with power and force that I have never had since. He got a vibrating prostrate massager and made me scream even more with pleasure before finally fucking and pounding my ass until 3am when we both collapsed covered in sweat then falling asleep. Next morning I was was so tired but he fucked me again before I showered and got the train home.

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