Harfaggerson Haakon 1001

“dear disciples, Every morning, wake up with the sun, and even if you see it fill with joy and radiance of power. Come out, the snow and light a fire to be your source of heat such as the sun and shine. Sit down before the fire, catch your palms virile member that battle every man and rub it well with the snow, in a move that starts the bottom. Repeat this operation several times (at least 2-3 times). Your virile member will lose three quarters of its size and your testicles will be like two small leather bags frozen from the cold. Then place your hands over the flame of fire and heat them with power uploading with ardent passion of his. When they get to be extremely hot, get back in your hands and pull his penis on top of it like you want it lengthens. Will begin to increase again as when you are in front of a beautiful woman, ready to jump into her arms full of love. Now stop rubbing your penis and fill your hands with snow again. Take advantage of size member virile and massaged it upward with cold hands full of snow until it reaches again very small. Warm your hands again and resume the procedure from the beginning. Do this operation for at least seven times and you will see that your penis, knowing successively heat and cold will become strong as a rock and so slender as the tree that rises above the high peaks”. Harfaggerson Haakon

Norwegian Jazz & Jizz Male Massage

Harfaggerson Haakon was known as “the man with the ice phallus was famous for his huge cock. Haakon used a special technique to enlarge his penis. He held parties at which he taught other men the technique. He had a team of helpers who were called disciples. Above is a letter he wrote to one of them.

The Cock Gym : Viking Warrior Rub

Saturday, Jan 2, 2016, 5:30 PM

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