87% of men are growers rather than showers.

In one study of 80 dicks n dudes, researchers found that the size of a man’s soft cock and its full erect length increases from flaccid to erect lengths ranged from less than a quarter-inch to 3.5 inches longer. Whatever the clinical significance of these data may be, the locker-room significance is considerable.

You can’t assume that the bloke with a big, flabby cock gets much bigger with an erection And the blokes whose penis cocks looks tiny might get a surprisingly big erection. An analysis of more than a thousand measurements taken by sex researcher Alfred Kinsey shows that shorter flaccid penises tend to gain about twice as much length as longer flaccid penises. A penis that doesn’t gain much length with an erection has become known as a “show-er,” and a penis that gains a lot is said to be a “grower.” These are not medical terms, and there aren’t scientifically established thresholds for what’s a show-er or a grower. Kinsey’s data suggest that most penises aren’t extreme show-ers or growers. About 12% of penises gained one-third or less of their total length with an erection, and about 7% doubled in length when erect.

11 thoughts on “87% of men are growers rather than showers.

  1. I have a tiny dick. I’m definitely a grower. I’m 1 1/2 inches soft and 4 1/2 inches hard.

  2. I’m definarely a grower. My penis is barely visible when flaccid, but is 5.5 inches when erect. I’ve always found it quite amazing,

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