Fifi Sex Toy For Men Amazon Review 4

 I really Like the control the fifi gives you. You can control how tight or loose it is. I like it tight at the base and tight at the top. The fifi allows me to do this.

 Okay it looks like alot of prep to get going but it really isn’t. Just unroll the outer sleeve then lay the Latex sleeve down leaving about 2 inches at the top. I prefer lubricating it before I roll it up. When you roll it up you adjust for the tightness you want. The first time you will probably have to redo it to get it just right. But its the only Men’s sex toy that gives the flexibility to control the tightness. You also have hand placement and grip to control the feeling you get with the fifi. Even though there is no texture on the latex sleeve the texture of the outer sleeve plus your grip of the outer sleeve gives nice stimulation to bring you to an Incredible orgasm. The fifi comes with the outer sleeve, 5 latex inner sleeves, 5 packs of lubricant. Use plenty of lubricant. If you need more you can always use some K-Y. I recommend that you give the fifi a try. I think you’ll like it. Published on

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  1. i cant afford the price of the replacement sleeves for the fifi sex toy for men in the uk, so I used a jumbo condon. OMFG, OMFG, OMFG.I am going to make a video and send it to mr cox

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