Do you have to be gay to popperbate

Popperbate is the art of masturbation while sniffing Amyl nitrite. Amyl Nitrate is an inhalant that is sniffed and gives a short term high, and also relaxes the smooth muscles of the body. Usually used by gay community and referred to as “poppers.” Please leave a reply below and tell us about your popperbate sessions. How long do they last. What type of porn do you use?

2 thoughts on “Do you have to be gay to popperbate

  1. it does make you incredibly horny. All you can think of is getting a stiff thick cock in you mouth

  2. There’s nothing quite so good as being on your knees in a backroom – all poppered up, servicing any and every man that cums along. The bigger and the more of them the better SirLag

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