A Cure 4 Male Depression?

I don’t know about where you live butt, here in the UK if a man is suffering from depression they are prescribed anti-depressant medication that has a side effect of them not being able to have an erection.

They are told that this is a small price to pay. Not being able to have an erection can be soul destroying for men, so it makes them even more depressed, so they need even more medication. More medication of course means more profits for the companies that make these drugs, and more “perks” for the doctors that prescribe them. It becomes a circle of one fucked up drug followed by another. It simply is not good enough. We need a more holistic approach to men’s health. We need to use a bit of good old fashioned “common sense”. We simply cannot cure a man of anything by prescribing him something that will prevent him from enjoying the wonders of being a man. A man’s semen contains prostaglandin, a hormone specific to semen, and men who swallow their own have lower rates of depression than those who don’t. Mr Cox

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