close 2 ejaculation

Sometimes when I come extremely close to ejaculation and feel a small discharge of seminal fluid coming up, I loosen my sphincter and body muscles suddenly to stop ejaculation.

Then a totally different flavor of a new orgasm comes. The source of this orgasm is the prostate-perineum-anal area. I noticed that when I come, my anus contracts and tightens up, this pushes my orgasms beyond the normal limit. JJ

One thought on “close 2 ejaculation

  1. i had been working on multipule orgasms…every once in awhile i get it. one time though, i felt it working up ready to shoot, but all the sudden, it started, i lokd at the tv clock, it was 9 i just laid bad and slowly jacked and it was contraction after contraction.. my god i was breathing real hard and just completly lost in pleasure… once it was over and i squirted my huge load… tryn to get my breath i lokd at the clock, it was 9:05… man i was worn out and so satified wow

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