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The science is clear. The more you ejaculate when you are young the less likely you are to suffer from prostate cancer when you are old. Take the 30-Day Ejaculation Challenge. Have a good wank 2 ejaculation daily making each ejaculation … Continue reading

kind of taboo

big cock hanging 1 (1)

Gay “lifestyle”? There’s a difference between an orientation and a lifestyle. I wonder what a hetero lifestyle is? 360navi on 06/04/2015


When I go to the nude beach people never talk about this kind of thing, it’s kind of taboo. You can’t go about with a hard on even if you see the best piece of ass you ever saw you must contain yourself. Here it seems kind of cool to drop your pants and let others discuss your genitals. Somehow it seems kind of healthy. Like when we were in HS privately comparing penises in PE. Hell everybody did that we just didn’t discuss it like you can on the web. Frankly I’ve been known to share a lady with another man under the right circumstances but I’m definitely not interested in sex with another man or any sort of gay lifestyle. I’m not condemning it but it just isn’t me. Stratocruser

safe cock sucking


There are two different views on sucking. European and American. European authorities agree with me that sucking cock presents little risk as long as you don’t have open cuts or sores in your mouth. To make it safer they suggest that you don’t swallow spunk or brush/floss your teeth for two hours before or after sucking cock. American authorities are more restrictive: they argue that a condom must be worn from start to finish. Avoid taking cum in your mouth or leaving it in someone else’s. Avoid sucking if you have bleeding gums, sores, abscessed teeth, or have just gone to the dentist. Wait until they heal. Do not brush or floss your teeth right before or after sucking cock. For fresh breath, try chewing gum, rinsing with mouthwash or even better a big fat spoon of honey. Look closely for sores or blisters on the genitals, mouth or lips. If sores or blisters are visible, avoid oral sex. Remember, though, it’s not always possible to see sores or blisters. Obviously the safest is not to allow any one to cumm in your mouth. If your sucking someone’s cock and you think they are getting close. Stop and take his cock out of your mouth. And tell the guy before you start that you don’t want him to come in your mouth. Tell him you want to see the spunk shooting out of his fat cock.

tantrick cock

daddy dick


in every breath

if you’re the center

of your own thoughts

the sadness of autumn

will fall on you


but if in every breath

you strip naked

just like a winter

the joy of spring

will grow from within.

Army Cock

Until this night i thought i was straight, I was in the army in Belfast. And because we were posted there on a 2 year tour we were allowed to visit safe pubs and clubs, I can’t remember the name of the team but they had a big bar and social area. And most importantly 2 mens toilets, I needed to go and as i got up i saw a lot of men go to one of the toilets so i went to the other one. As i opened the door i heard some movement i went around the cubicle and saw 3 urinals, The outside 2 were being used by 2 big beefy guys so i went in the middle got my cock out and started to piss. When i had finished i looked down to give it a quick shake and noticed out the corner of my eye that the one on my right had a hard on, He was slowly wanking himself and i could see his big purple head disappearing and reappearing from his foreskin. He saw me looking and turned to face me and my cock went rigid, I heard a click behind me and the other guy came up and whispered isn’t that nice. Go on he said touch it so i reached out and felt another mans cock for the first time, It was so hard and hot i started to wank him watching his foreskin cover his purple head while the other guy put his hands up my t-shirt and played with my nipples while pushing his crutch into my ass. He then said take off your jeans i want to fuck you and i did which looking back on it surprised me, But all i was interested in was this cock in front of me. I knelt down to get a closer look and smelt an uncut cock for the first time, I kissed it then licked his head and then started to suck my very first cock. I was so sexually excited that i did not care what would happen even the pain of a man entering me for the first time, After a few seconds the pain went and all i could feel was this cock fucking me and a bigger cock being rammed down my throat. By now the man i was sucking was leaning on the wall while with every thrust from behind it was going deeper into my throat, The guy fucking me went faster and faster untill he moaned and came giving me my first fill of cum. He left his cock in me while i kept sucking untill he too came and i had my first taste of cum. When he shot his load down my throat i thought i was in heaven it tasted so nice. Not a word was said as we got dressed and left the toilets. Later on that night Steve the guy i sucked came over and took me outside and fucked me in the missionary position in the middle of the rugby pitch and i had my first orgasm with a man. I now love to take on the female role when making love to a man, And they always get a nice long blowjob from me, It makes them come back for more. bi/ john



older cocks


There is nothing better than sucking a guy’s cock! I prefer older cocks because it makes me horny to think about all the places they have been. I start by licking the shaft and the balls, and then take the entire length into my mouth, sucking hard. I always let my man cum in my mouth, because I love the taste, and always swallow because it makes me so horny. Cum really is the nectar of the Gods. I sometimes tease my man by letting him cum in my face, then I lick it off with my tongue and use my fingers to put it in my mouth. He soon wants to go again and give me a second helping to enjoy! Lj




From the beginning of my life

I have been looking for your lips

but today I have seen

Today I have seen

Sailors Briefs Navy Straight Men

the charm, the beauty,

the unfathomable grace

of the lips

that I was looking for.

Rumi Cox

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