Rugby Bullocks

Members of the Wolverhampton Wolverines Aussie Rules football club strip down and massage their balls to demonstrate the proper technique. The best time to have a testicle massage is after a warm bath or shower, when the skin of the scrotum is relaxed. Support the scrotum and testicles in the palm of your hand, to feel their weight. One testicle may be slightly larger than the other, but they should be about the same weight. Stand in front of a mirror, look for any signs of swelling in the skin of your scrotum. Feel each testicle for any unusual lumps or swellings. To do this, place your index and middle fingers on the bottom of one testicle, with your thumb on the top; then gently roll the testicle between your fingers. Examine your other testicle in the same way. Don’t be surprised to discover that one testicle is slightly larger than the other. That’s normal. Healthy testicles are smooth, oval-shaped, and rather firm. Most lumps are found on the side of a testicle, but they can also show up on the front, so check the whole testicle carefully. If you have any worries contact your G.P. immediately.



start rolling your bull sized balls with the palms of your hands and rub some lube on you dick an lay on the bed and relax then fantasize about something sexy an wank slowly with your eyes closed then increase your spead and cum like theirs no tomorro. big bob

cop shaves his cock and balls

cop shaved cock and balls
For many there is nothing quite as spiritual as a a freshly shaven cock. Porn films often feature little or no pubic hair. However, many men are left raw, chafed and itchy when trying to achieve this hairless look. So here are my shaving tips that will enable you to look like a porn star. First, you will need to make the whole experience sexy. Have a nice relaxing bath. After you have relaxed make sure there is plenty of light in the bathrom and sit on the edge of the bath. Close the door and run the hot tap until you create lots of steam. As steam helps to soften the pubic area and hair. Gently comb your pubic hair for several minutes. Using a good pair of sissors, trim to ¼” away from the skin. Dampen a cloth in very hot water, and gently rub it all over your beautiful cock and balls. Repeat this with the cloth several times. You must of course pleasure yourself as and when you desire. Study the pattern of the remaining hair with your fingertips. You will need to shave against the way the hair is growing. So if it grows to the left you will need to shave from the right. If the hair is growing upwards you will shave downwards. Use a used expensive disposable razor and a known brand of washing up liquid, as this makes your cock and balls more slippery than ordinary soap, and we do love a slippery cock, don’t we. Now you are ready to shave. Stop and rest for awhile if you feel the urge to pleasure yourself. Very gently, start with your lower balls. Rinse the razor after each swipe, cleaning any hair that may get stuck in the razor. Do not go over the same patch of skin more than twice or use aggressive pressure. Next, shave the lower shaft, always slow and gently. Finally, shave the hair directly above your cock. This hair tends to be the thickest and coarsest, so you may use a little more pressure here. Swab your cock and balls with warm water and examine for any stray hairs that may have been missed. You could pluck those remaining out with a tweezers. Pleasure yourself to ejaculation and massage your semen into your cock and balls, and relax and allow to dry. This will give your cock and balls a shiny silky finish.

shaved cock after

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Hindu and Buddist Genital Massage

Budgie Smuggler bulge

I went to Indonesia a few years ago and was staying with friends on Bali. It is a mixture of Hindu and Buddist which is a very uninhibited culture. I needed a haircut and found a hairdresser on the edge of the tourist area of town. I said I wanted a haircut and the very good looking handsome hairdresser suggested a massage which is common there.

I could see as soon as I walked in he had eyed me up thoroughly. I was resistant at first as I had things to do later but mostly because I suspected he might be hoping for a bit more than a massage and I knew with the slightest provocation I would get aroused. I had had massages before on Bali by girls on the beach however and they were very pleasant and relaxing. In that culture there is a sort of obligation on Western tourist to buy services because they won’t take direct charity and are quite proud and honest as part of their faith. I was in a dilemma also because there had been a bomb recently that had virtually stopped the Australian tourist trade that they largely depend on.

Against my better judgement, mainly because I had a boyfriend at home, I decided to risk it. I was led through to a small room with a proper massage table made ready with towels. I was left alone while he went to get some oil and more towels. I undressed to my rather bright stylish boxer shorts and got on the table face down trying to control myself and thinking once he just settles into the massage I should be ok even though I was randy as hell and fancied him rotten. He came back in and announced forcefully “less underwear”. I felt I had to oblige as I could not really get up and get dressed again. I slid off my boxers and half turned away from him to put them down with my clothes, but he came to that side ant took them from me. He hung them up by the waistband on a fairly high wall hook that assumed an almost ominous symbolic presence like a pendant or trophy above us. He started off working on my back and arms then predictably down my spine over my buttocks and pushed between my legs almost making me easy myself up from the table. I started to get hard as he firmly slid one hand then the other quite unnecessarily over by testicles and touched my penis. I was getting hard but was determined to defy him and keep control.

I was quite relieved when he then started on my legs and tried to persuade myself he knew I was getting aroused so was leaving me alone to recover as it were. All too soon his strong hands worked up the inside of my thigh and mercilessly pushed against my genitals. I tried not to enjoy it or squirm but it was very hard to think of anything else. I wished he would stop but also hoped he would not. After some more normal massaging again he curtly announced I was to turn over and left me as he went to the far end of the room into a separate sink area. I niavely tried to persuade myself he was giving me a chance to compose myself again before the next onslaught and sort of pretending it was a necessary part of the process for him to touch me and he was resigned to the fact it sometimes resulted in arousal.


I had just turned around and wiped away a bed of clear precum. I was hoping a few minutes without my penis pressing on the towel might just be enough to get it limp again. He came straight back and resumed sliding hands everywhere again but now I was fully erect and had totally given up saving my dignity. He shamelessly deliberately brushed against it as he reached over me and gently bumped it with his arms. It was so unreal lying in that little room with my penis bobbing up and down in excitement while he pretended all was normal. I said “I am sorry it has a mind of its own”. He said “you are a strong man it is normal”. I thought well only normal if a gorgeous bronze black haired guy with beautiful eyes and a lovely smile squeezes and strokes my penis and testicles! He asked when I last had sex and I said well actually had an encounter of sorts last week. He said sex on Bali is just like food. he came up to me and started to stroke and fondle my cock stroking the head through my foreskin. He said do you want me to help you. I could hardly say no and though a wank was safe enough. After a while I wanted to touch his and felt his white trousers where I could feel him aroused inside his pants. He helped me get it out. we had the most delicious mutal wank and came together. He went to get wet clothes to clean us up. I immediately got another erection. He said 2you are a strong man” again.

I liked that because I am not well built so he meant it in a sort of psychological sexual way. He wanked me again and I came again. It is the only time in my life I recall getting stiff again immediately and cuming twice. He told me afterwards he did not do it often but found me very attractive. he said some old guys get stiff with him hoping he will but he just ignores them but can see it in their pants. I thought to myself “Oh so they get to keep their pants on do they!”. he was obviously on a mission since I went through his door. After I had just paid the standard charge a tropical storm rained outside and he bid me wait until it passed. He was sitting and i was standing when he put his hand up the leg of my shorts, inside my boxers and started to feel me again. Luckily the rain stopped soon and I made my exscape feeling the thrill of it afterwards. I went back once after and it all happened again but was slightly less thrilling as I was not in denial that anything would happen but on the other hand the thrill of anticipation was also fantastic. I can tell you about another Bali experience another time.