Lust for life taoist penis massage

Gently and with commitment. Like slow, meaningful strokes and lots of eye contact gives a deeper connection. Both hands would be great as opposed to the usual one hand, and then sometimes firmer grasps and working to a more fast rhythm quality and then slowing down to a more gentler pace with oil and also without … Read moreLust for life taoist penis massage

Qi-Gung Edging

Edging is the sport of the gods. I sometimes spend hours, bringing my self really close, then relaxing and taking the most deepest breaths of my life. I let my cock return to a flaccid state while tickling my rosebud. I repeat the ritual at least 81 times. Edging : Bring yourself close and then start all … Read moreQi-Gung Edging

真 善 忍

Sihiva Kriya is a ancient knowledge Chinese Art of Masculinity. The technique itself is Sue Shi Kong (lifting weights with the Pranayamas) and other practices as Maha Bandha , Udijjana Bandha , Nauli , special Pranayamas with Chi Kung movements of Oriental Medicine. Falun Gong does this. That’s really all I know about them other … Read more真 善 忍

Deer Exercise

The Male Deer Exercise is an ancient Taoist exercise designed to improve male sexual health. It is believed that it can transform a man’s sexual health, and strengthen the body’s sex organs and helps men to experience full-body orgasms. It can also help to strengthen your erection, increase semen production and promotes prostatic health.

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For best results the Male Deer Exercise should be done when you are naked and relaxed, and when you have a really firm erection, seems to work best with your “morning erection”. To be effective, it should be performed daily. It will give you great sexual energy and will improve your overall physical and mental well-being. At the end of the exercise you should give your arse a good wiggle (flutter) as you smile broadly, as if you were a deer. To begin, sit comfortably on the edge of a chair, with your cock and balls gently hanging over the edge. It is important to be in a warm environment.

It is important to maintain a smile throughout the exercise. Now, rest your hands on your lap. Make your hands into fists by encircling your thumbs with your fingers. Pull your finger in tightly as this activates a number of important acupressure points. Continue to breathe deeply and then contract and lift the perineum (the muscles between your balls and your arse). It will seem as you are gently lifting your balls. Keep breathing deeply as you relax while holding the contraction for a minute, or as long as is comfortable. You only need to do this step once. Feel the energy emanate from your perineum muscle travel around your body, tingly downward to our feet, and upwards through your spine up into your brain.

If your not sure which muscle to contract think of the muscle you would use to stop pissing in the middle of a really strong piss, that’s the muscle to contract and lift.

The Principle of P’U

Taoism asks for sex without preconceived ideas. It is an ancient Chinese philosophy that is about having sex, that makes you understand yourself better. P’u is one of the most important principles of Taoism. The main point of this principle is that everything is simple, and that there is a power, an energy from that simplicity. But, as we try to complicate sex we lose some of the power.

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This basic principle applies to all sex, including foreplay. If you have a simple sex-life and learn to love the simple and the quite, the natural and plain you are more likely to be happy because you have less things complicating your sex-life. So the process begins with realizing and accepting who we are. We have to accept and love ourselves because if we cannot truly do that we cannot really have sex. If you come to a sexual relationship without being completely simple and natural, it cannot last because it based based on a lie, and a lie can only ever last for awhile.

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Wu Wei: In Chinese Wu Wei literally means “no clever tampering, no pissing about”. Wu Wei is Taoism. A river can never flow straight, it’s not natural, its not simple, a river just flows. A river brings water, water is life . We can bring water, even if it’s in a bottle, we can bring life. Although the “NEW Age Taiosts” , i.e. the ones that write the books, will not agree with me, I am confident that we are sex, and that it’s that simple and natural, it’s that plain, and it’s that quite. It does not matter how we make ourselves, or allow ourselves to be happy. It’s natural. Tao does not do, but nothing is not done. Things happen their own way, naturally. What needs to be is. We just need to accept that. Very simple, quite, natural, plain. It’s CALM. Trust yourself and do it, for fuck sake, it’s easy. around the next corner…is exactly what is suppose to happen to us. We must not worry ourselves but learn to see corners as things with sign posts, simplifying things and in a natural way leading us in a quite and plain direction.

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Taoism respect the old and wise : Because the old and the wise discover the philosophy, become known for their youthful energy, and reap the benefits of having accepted the power WITHIN US, simply and naturally, quite AND plain.

Shiva Kriya – Adi Rimpoche

Sihiva Kriya is a ancient knowledge Chinese Martial Art. The technique itself is Sue Shi Kong (lifting weights with the penis testicles) and other practices as Maha Bandha , Udijjana Bandha , Nauli , special Pranayamas with Chi Kung movements of Oriental Medicine.