Journey To Orgasm

Sexological Bodyworker Neal Wecker teaches somatic sex education to adults. He helps his students learn erotic self regulation. This means he helps others to manage the flow of erotic energy within their bodies and within their relationships. Erotic self regulation involves controlling levels of excitement and levels of relaxation during sexual play, allowing individuals to … Read moreJourney To Orgasm

Swinging in the Rain

Self-administrated touch integrates, soothes or comforts, and gives us a psychologically fundamental sense of worthiness and competence – which is commonly called “self-esteem.” It is the antidote to shame.

The “skin envelope” defines where, and how, we are in our sensual and existential foundation – the capacity to engage in active self-stimulation of our own skin envelope is thus essential to the formation of a healthy and happy sense of “self” in at least five ways. First, self-stimulation “in-forms” or integrates our child. It informs us where the sensual space of our “self” has it’ margins, that sensual boundary where – so to speak – “self” appears to end and the rest of the “world” appears to begin. Thus, returning to the process of self-stimulation, and knowing one has the intentional ability to choose such a return, centers our “self” in a profoundly healthy sense.

Second, pleasurable self-touching soothes or comforts us when we are distraught, by alleviating our fearful anxieties, and indeed by helping us – at least to some degree – to achieve a letting-go of our judgmental mind, our fear-based patterns of thinking. The gentle enjoyment of touching grounds experience in the present moment, and quietens the chattering mind. Third, these abilities, which serve reliably to ground ourselves in our bodies and to center ourselves in pleasure, are the wellspring of our sense of being loveable.

By this, I mean that we come to feel basically worthy and competent in our sense of being-in-the-world. As this occurs, we become able to experience more clearly the extent to which our world is trustworthy.

When these three contributions of self-touching are facilitated, self-pleasuring constitutes and catalyzes our most basic human capacities of feeling lovable, of being able to love and of finding spiritual bliss. However, when these three contributions of self-touching to physical and emotional development are interrupted, egotism substitutes for what I am calling a “healthy sense of self.”

Disturbances in these developments of self-touching, the progression from being touched to touching ourselves, lead to profound unhappiness throughout our lives – by which I refer to the extent that we all wrestle with psychotic, neurotic, and addictive processes.

Psychoanalysis shows us how everyone suffers, to some degree, from these constituents to our personality. We also know that the psychotic, neurotic, and addictive components to our mental functioning.

Evolutionary Masturbation for Men

17 of the Most Explicit Orgasmic Yoga Masturbation Lessons for Men. If you masturbate the same way you did ten years ago with diminishing results, this is for you.  Learn from men fearlessly exploring the pleasures and sensations of their bodies. Classes includes full nudity and step-by-step explicit erotic touch instruction.  Click here to register online … Read moreEvolutionary Masturbation for Men

Lucky Bastards – Men who Self Suck

Fortunately, in order to self-suck, it is not necessary to have a huge penis. It will take time and practice to get your penis and mouth to touch. If you are not very flexible start by bending over and touching your toes while at the same time fluttering your arse to start to relieve pelvic congestion.

Don’t be disappointed if you can’t get your mouth on your cock the first time you try auto fellatio. It can take lots of practice and you will become more flexible. Each time you practice auto fellatio try and get closer to your penis. Some statistics say that only 1% of all men can self-suck, but we think that with practice and stretching, most guys should be able to at least make some mouth-to-cock contact, even if it’s only on the tip of the head.

If nothing else, practicing self-sucking will make you more flexible and possibly increase your overall well-being. So take it slow, work with what you’ve got, and try to have fun

Love yourself

Listen to yourself

to the subtle flows

of emotion, desire

coursing through your body.

You need not conform

to any boxes,

any borders.

Desires overflow

these simple lines


to control,

to contain.

Love yourself,

what you bring to the world.

Others may say,

“You’re not good enough,

you’re not doing it right.”

They speak from

their anger

their fear.


You need not hold

these words

in your belly.

Let them go,

when you are ready.

Practice yourself,

do what moves you.

budgie smugglers speedo bulge daddies

Feel your breath,

your body.

Touch yourself.

Take in the touch you need

of wind and water,

earth and sun,

food and drink,

hands and mouths.

By : Jamie_H

Golden Mindful Masturbation

Nine Golden Keys to Mindful Masturbation : Click here to book this class 

 Bruce P. Grether and Blue Tyger call their teaching for men, Erotic Engineering. Bruce and Blue’s “Nine Golden Keys to Mindful Masturbation” offer men clear and simple instructions to escape from habit and enjoy embodied masturbation. Self-pleasuring can be a hero’s journey into remarkable feelings, somatic knowledge and body intimacy. This class gives you access to Grether’s complete text, as well as supplementary video demonstrations and teachings from Blue Tyger.  

Nine Golden Keys to Mindful Masturbation : Click here to book this class 

Self Penis/Lingam Massage Training

Hello Dear Beloveds, This educational training video provides demonstration and instruction for developing red tantric (sexual yoga) powers to regulate and direct orgasmic energy into the chakras while cultivating a sacred state of prayer and meditation. Penis/Lingam Massage Multi Orgasm Training Vid: How to Have Sex Like A God Pt1. Please go to for further instructional resources